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Getting to school: VSB students choosing active modes of travel

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This week marks Bike to School Week, an annual celebration where students of all ages are encouraged to bike to school from May 30 to June 3, 2022. To celebrate, we look back at two active travel initiatives that occurred throughout the school year.

An environmentally friendly and healthy way to get to school is cycling. Since 2018, the City of Vancouver has worked with HUB Cycling to deliver cycling education to Vancouver students in grades 6 and 7. This spring, HUB Cycling’s Ride The Road course expanded to 25 schools in the District – with more to be added in the next school year. 

“It is great to see a program dedicated to cycling education for Vancouver students,” says Lois Chan Pedley, Vancouver School Board trustee. “The HUB Cycling program encourages active transportation and helps young cyclers build the skills and confidence to safely cycle to and from school.”

Walking is one of the healthiest modes of active travel and can be a fun way to get to know neighbourhoods. And it’s a mode of travel for any time of the school year, including the more dreary seasons as seen this past November with students at Lord Selkirk Annex, Cunningham and Trafalgar elementary schools who participate in the Walking School Bus pilot program. The program aims to reduce congestion around schools and encourages students and families to adopt active modes of transportation.

Developed by TransLink and Urban Systems, and in partnership with the non-profit Dedicated Action for School Health (DASH) and the City of Vancouver, the Walking School Bus is an organized group of students who walk to and from school together with the support of adult leaders. 

"The Walking School Bus pilot program allows students to develop a better understanding of their local neighbourhoods and build confidence by walking with their classmates and leaders,” says Vancouver School Board chair, Janet Fraser. 

The District continues to support active and sustainable modes of transportation choices for school communities and families and is proud to partner with the City of Vancouver on their School Active Travel Program.  

Schools interested in participating in HUB Cycling’s Ride The Road course can contact: 

Learn more about the District's sustainability work and vision in our Environmental Sustainability Plan

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