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Our Staff


Mr. Vince Edwards


Mr. Gavin Landreth

Office Administrative Assistant

Miss CC (Cecilia Mason)


Division 1: Mr. Max Boyle & Ms. Tilia Prior 

Division 2: Ms. Teresa Harris

Division 3: Ms. Zoe McNair (Ms. Stephanie Pearce)

Division 4: MACC Class – Ms. Stephanie Roberts

Division 5: Mr. Tom Larson

Division 6: Ms. Leila Khodarahmi & Mr. Max Boyle

Division 7: Ms. Marion Colllins & Ms. Tilia Prior

Division 8: Ms. Susan Almedia & Mr. Gavin Landreth

Division 9: Ms. Sylvia Seto

Division 10: Ms. Tiffiany Douglas

Division 11: Ms. Yvonne Hunt

Division 12: Ms. Dana Mulder

Division 13: Miss Pam (Pam Broman)

Division 14: Mrs. Jeannie Chan

Division 15: Ms. Jess Christie & Ms. Carly Borden

Division 16: Mrs. Lisa Evans

Division 17K: Ms. Sarah Sabbagha

Division 18K: Ms. Jennifer Kim

PE / French: Ms. Tracy Powell

Resource:    Ms. Becky Chan

                        Ms. Amy Rodrigues

                        Mr. Sean Smith

                        Ms. Elizabeth Winston (Hilary Gudmundson)

District Staff:

Ms. Suzi Bekkatla (Indigenous Worker)

Ms. Anica Grenzberg (Area Counsellor)

Ms. Rhiann Grills (Speech Language)

Ms. Pauline Holder (Youth & Family Worker)

Mr. Ahmed Rahim (Gifted Program)

Ms. Starr Vickers (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

Student Support Staff:

Ms. Maria Alexandrova

Ms. Michelle Fierro

Ms. Kathy Giguere

Ms. Lucy Kato

Mr. Raphael Roman

Ms. Joanne Ross

Ms. Erin Wild


Mr. Joe Jukic (Josip Jukic)

Mr. Naresh Paul - Evenings

Mr. Anthony Castillio (Custodian)


Ms. Amarjeet Hundal

Ms. Shirley Huang

Ms. Connie Shum

Ms. Angela Liu

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