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Remembrance Day

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Normally every year on Remembrance Day, the whole school congregates to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers. This year it was different. Ms Zambrano's Theatre Company worked on an inclusive piece and it was shown to all students at two points during the day on November 9 - to honor Aboriginal Veteran's Day (November 8th) and Remembrance Day (November 11). A special thank you to the following students who worked extra hard to make this happen for our school:


Mika Norman

Natalie Chang

Emma Rodenburgh

Cam Deacon

Elan Andreassen

Ava Knight

Josephine Ansley

Mick Treloar

Ollie Hobbs

Sabinah Onayemi

Annika Schultz

Nina Watts

Taea Friesen

Jade Leong Winks

James Thompson Kenning

Alex Coblenz

Matteo Sallusti

Shubham Mohapatra


Please watch the video here.


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