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The future is in good hands

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Celebrating and learning about diversity is what brings school communities together in Vancouver. As a District, we continue to work toward enhancing a culture of inclusivity, equity, and respect in our schools. Throughout the month of February, follow along as we share stories that celebrate diversity in the District!

February 11, 2022, is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, established by the United Nations to recognize the critical role women and girls play in science and technology. And if the members of Templeton Secondary School’s Puddle Jumpers are any indication, the future is in good hands. 

Started by students Cyanea Zheng and Isabella Wehner in 2020, the Puddle Jumpers is a club for girls, transgender and non-binary people who are interested in coding and robotics, it’s part of the Templeton Secondary Robotics Club. 

The two students established the team to provide a safe and supportive space for girls and young women to engage with robotics, technology, business and marketing. The Puddle Jumpers is the first all-women robotics team in British Columbia. 

In 2021, the Puddle Jumpers competed in the Pacific Regional Championship of the international FIRST Robotics Competition, an annual contest that brings together robotics teams from some 130 countries to compete against and cooperate with each other. For the Pacific Regional Championship, teams had only 10 weeks to build a functional robot. The Puddle Jumpers finished a very impressive 12th out of 42 teams in their inaugural competition. 

Following the redesigned BC Curriculum, the Puddle Jumpers demonstrated how students are using core competencies skills: Communication, Thinking and Personal and Social Competency to learn foundations of literacy and numeracy. With the support of their teacher sponsor Warren Lloyd, the Puddle Jumpers got the opportunity to learn the technical side of robotics creation and operation, and gained important skills common in managing a business such as finance, public relations and teamwork leading up to the competition. 

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