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Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct guides our behaviour in and out of school.  Every member of the school community - students, staff and parents - has a role in upholding the values that underlie the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is represented in the Titans Matrix.














The Titans Matrix

The Titans Matrix is built on the shared values of the school community which includes students, staff, parents, and the larger community.  We expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • promotes their active learning and that of others
  • demonstrates respect for themselves and others or their property
  • indicates a tolerance for different views, customs, cultures, religions, genders, values, abilities, and individualities
  • ensures safety for themselves and others
  • develops a sense of community and pride in Templeton and its environment

The Titans Matrix expands on these expectations and promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law.




School and community

In class, library, and computer lab

Hallways, cafeteria, and school grounds

Gym and playing fields


We will never give up.  We will maintain a positive attitude, whatever the difficulties.

We will overcome setbacks.  We will ask for assistance.

We will hold tight to good values.

We will compete to the best of our ability.


We will be true to ourselves.  We will not give in to peer pressure.

We will maintain academic honesty.

We will be trustworthy.  We will hand in lost items.  We will report unsafe conditions.

We understand that participation is more important than winning.


We will be considerate of others.  We will follow school procedures and guidelines.  We will show respect for ourselves and others.

We will listen to the opinion of others.  We will be quiet when others are working.

We will maintain a safe environment.

We will maintain a clean environment. We will respect school property. 

We will be mindful of the safety of ourselves and others.  We will return equipment to its proper place.


We will have high aspirations.  We will aim for a better community.

We will strive to succeed in class.  We will aim to be on time and prepared for class.

We will seek to make healthy food choices.

We will set high goals for health and fitness.  We will compete with enthusiasm.


We will be polite and courteous.  We will demonstrate pride in our school.  We will set a good example for others.

We will learn from our mistakes.  We will be modest about our achievements.

We will stand up to bullying, racism and homophobia.  We will use positive language.

We will demonstrate fair play.


We will support and encourage others.  We will help those in need.

We will support others in class activities.  We will work cooperatively with others.

We will be sharing and generous.

We will demonstrate team spirit.

Unacceptable Behaviour – The following are examples of unacceptable behavior and is no way a definitive list.  Bullying, harassment and intimidation including those in the cyber realm, any action that creates unsafe conditions, inhibiting the learning of others and theft. Racism will not be tolerated in our school.

 Consequences – Responses to unacceptable conduct where possible will be progressive, logical, consistent and fair, taking into account the severity of the behavior, the age and maturity of the student.  In keeping with the principles of rising expectations, students are expected to show increased responsibility and self-direction, consequences will be tailored accordingly.  In the case of students with Special Needs, consequences are tailored to meet the ability of the student to understand and respond.  Consequences will focus on prevention and a restorative process with learning for the student at the heart of it.  Breaches of ethics such as cheating or plagiarizing may result in such consequences as loss of eligibility for certain scholarships.  Disciplinary action may at times require taking into consideration the safety of others, or the students themselves or the school.

 Suspensions -- In accordance with the School Act, Sec. 85(2)(ii) and (d), the Board authorizes the Principal or designate of any school in the district to suspend a student from attendance at school for up to five days.

Suspensions may be for the following reasons:

a. because a student is willfully and repeatedly disrespectful to a teacher or to any other employee of the Board carrying out responsibilities approved by the Board.

b. because the behaviour of the student breaches the District Code of Conduct or policy and/or has a harmful effect on others or the learning environment of the school.

c. because the student has failed to comply with the School Code of Conduct.

Suspensions over five days are made in consultation with the appropriate Director of Instruction as per the District Student Code of Conduct, AP 350. As per AP 350 6.7.1 an educational program must be provided.

 Notification – School officials have a responsibility to advise others of serious breaches of the Code of Conduct.  This may include, staff, parents/guardians, school district officials, police Liaison Officers, and other agencies as appropriate and required by law.


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