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Science 8 - Mammals


1.  Start by searching your topic in a general encyclopedia, such as : 

  • The World Book Encyclopedia (REF 031 WOR)
  • The New Grolier Student Encyclopedia (REF 031 NEW)

    A reminder that sometimes the information is found under a different SUBJECT HEADING. 

    Example:  Marmots may be listed under SQUIRREL or WOODCHUCK.

    If your animal is not listed alphabetically, use the Index volume to find out in which volume the information is found.

    2.  Consult Specialized Encyclopedias.  
          There are 3 in our reference collection that focus on ANIMAL LIFE.  They are:

    • The International Wildlife Encyclopedia (REF 591.03 MAR)
    • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom (REF  590.3 ILL)
    • Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia (REF 591.03 GRZ)

            Again, remember to consult the index volumes to help you located the information.

    3.  If your teacher has reserved library time, there will be a cart of books on reserve for your   
         class. Otherwise, search your topic by "Subject Keyword" on VSB LIBRARY.


      Natural History Notebooks (Canadian Museum of Nature) - Brief Overview of information with good selection of images (b&w illustrations)

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