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First Nations


Topics will vary according to your teacher's assignment.  Check the assignment sheet for the list of groups and specific details. The First Nations are basically divided into these categories.  For the purpose of this assignment you will be researching those in bold face type.

PLAINS (Buffalo Hunters) PACIFIC NORTHWEST ARCTIC IROQUOIANS (Eastern Woodlands) ALGONQUIANS (Eastern Woodlands)
Assiniboine *Blackfeet *Cree Sioux *Coast Salish *Haida Kwakiutl Nisga’a Nootka Tlingit Tsimshian *Inuit Erie Huron *Iroquois Mohawk   Algonquin *Mi’kmaq Ojibwe


GENERAL DEWEY CLASSIFICATION ranges from 970.004 to 971.5004.   
Normally you would use VSB LIBRARY to locate materials for the specific group.  However, for this project, some materials have already been pulled and placed on reserve.  (These books are on reserve and can not be checked out until all classes have had their designated research blocks.  The checkout date will be announced during one of your library research periods.)
During your library research time, the materials will be sorted out by First Nations group and placed on the tables in the library.
The books with GENERAL INFORMATION will be on a book cart.   

Databases available through link on VSB LIBRARY.
Select Templeton Secondary and then log in to see icons for:

  • The Canadian Encyclopedia
  • World Book Online 


British Columbia


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