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Socials 8 - Chinese Dynasties

Mr. Dissegna's assignment has given you  the task of researching Chinese Dynasties.
Please refer to the information that was given out.

Given the short turnaround for this assignment, a book cart of materials has been prepared for you.  Visit the library to check out what is available.

To help you get organized, please read the: SS8_Chinese_Dynasties_Research_Guide.pdf
This will show you how to access some online information in the Databases both in our library and from the Public Library.

And don't forget to scroll down for the useful websites on this page.

Happy Research!

Ms. Bombino

You will have 2 periods of library research time to gather information. 

  • Period 1: You will be in the library using the reserved print materials.
  • Period 2: You will be in the computer lab to access information on databases and online other resources.


  • Chinese Dynasties : 931
  • China - History:  951

In the Reference Collection, take a look at general encyclopedias such as World Book Encyclopedia.


There are many other sources available online.  Please check that the person or persons responsible for the content are knowledgeable and trustworthy sources. 

You will also find information in general encyclopedias such as The World Book Encyclopedia,    and the specialized subject encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of Asian History (950.03 ENC).

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