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Our Staff




Div. 1 – Grade 5/6/7

Ms. K. Frigault

Div. 2 – Grade 5/6/7

Mr. C. Lai

Div. 3 – Grade 5/6/7

Ms. K. Spence

Div. 4 – Grade 4/5

Ms. F. Nguyen

Div. 5 – Grade 3/4

Ms. K. Whaley 

Div. 6 – Grade 2/3

Ms. C. Vuorma

Div. 7 – Grade 1/2

Ms. T. Low

Div. 8 – Grade 1/2    

Ms. L. Nakamura

Div. 9 – Grade KF

Ms. C. Ting / Ms. Lee  





Mr. B. Toews

Office Admin. Assistant

Ms. Paula Suttle   

Head Teacher / Reading Recovery

Ms. L. Seltenrich

Counsellor (Tues/Thurs)

Ms. N. Espinoza

Head Engineer

Afternoon Engineer

Mr. J. Zhou

Mr. J. Ly 

Food Services

Ms. B. Bhatia

PE Teacher (Tues to Fri)

Mr. K. Costea

Indigenous Enhancement  Worker (Tues/Thurs)

Ms. J. Hayden

Library (Mondays)

Mr. K. Costea

Literacy Teacher

Ms. M. Torrance

Neighbourhood Assistant

Ms. K. Froncisz

Resource  (Div 3-6)   

Ms. J. Gill

Resource/Gifted (Div 1,2,4)

Ms. E. Yang

Speech Language Pathologist  

Ms. D. Malone

Behaviour Support   

Sharon Petrollini     

Student Support

Debbie Boushie

Student Support

Hiroko Smith

Student Support (M-W)

Ms. C. Gomez

Student Support

Lana Burt

Student SupportNina Merette

Student Support (M/T)

Monica Vitale-Tan

Student Support     

Sujeong Yu     

Student Support      

Sonia Hsu

Student Support (W-F)

Angela Mazzei

Student Support

Jeanie Park

Student Support (Th/F)

Sandy McMillan


Student SupportNaila Heintz

Kindergarten Support

Yonka Stoykova

Supervision Aides (10:30-1:00)

Ms. L. Wong & 
Ms. M. Leung    


Youth & Family Worker

Mr. Gene  Beaton

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