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Our Staff




Div. 1 – Grade 6/7

Ms. K. Frigault

Div. 2 – Grade 6/7

Mr. C. Lai

Div. 3 – Grade 4/5

Ms. N. Scott (temp)

Div. 4 – Grade 4/5

Mr. J. Brown

Div. 5 – Grade 3/4

Ms. K. Whaley 

Div. 6 – Grade 2/3

Ms. T. Low

Div. 7 – Grade 2

Ms. L. Nakamura

Div. 8 – Grade 1     

Ms. C. Vuorma

Div. 9 – Grade KF

Ms. C. Ting  

 Div. 10 - Grade KF

Mr. D. Dobslaw




Ms. T. Harris

Office Admin. Assistant

Ms. Paula Suttle   

Head Teacher / Reading Recovery

Ms. L. Seltenrich  

Counsellor (Mon. & Thurs.)

Ms. C. Kelly


Mr. J. Zhou

Mr. J. Ly (afternoons)     


Food Services

Ms. B. Bhatia

PE Teacher (Tues to Fri)

Mr. K. Costea

Indigenous Enhance Worker (Th/F)

Ms. C. Curr (temp)    

Library (Mondays)

Mr. K. Costea

Literacy Teacher

Ms. M. Torrance

Neighbourhood Assistant

Ms. K. Froncisz


Ms. P. Park   


Ms. E. Yang


Speech & Lang. Pathologist  

Ms. D. Malone

Behaviour Support   

Ms. S. Petrollini

Student Support

Ms. D. Boushie

Student Support

Ms. L. Clyke

Student Support

Ms. C. Gomez

Student Support

Ms. P. Greenwood 

Student Support

Ms. D. Guetta

Student Support (M-T)

Ms. J. Heintz 

Student Support     

Ms. N. Heintz

Student Support      

Ms. S. Hsu

Student Support (W-F)

Ms. A. Mazzei

Student Support

Ms. L. Nicols

Student Support

Ms. F. Salem

Student SupportMs. N.Shafaeizadeh

Student Support

Ms. A. Yamasaki

Supervision Aides (10:30-1:00)

Ms. L. Wong & 
Ms. M. Leung    


Youth & Family Worker

Mr. Gene  Beaton

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