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Code of Conduct

University Hill citizens are... kind, safe and respectful.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to help provide a safe, supportive, stimulating learning environment that will allow all students to be successful.

Be Kind

  • smile
  • encourage others to try hard
  • be friendly
  • include others in play
  • be helpful to your teachers and others
  • think before you speak... are your words helpful or hurtful?
  • remind others to be kind
  • stand up for what is right

Be Safe

  • walk inside the school, keeping to the right in the hallways
  • go outside to run and play running games
  • stay on the school grounds
  • play in the play areas (not in the washrooms, hallways or front entrance way)
  • keep hands and feet to yourself
  • follow classroom rules
  • report strangers to the office
  • leave valuables or harmful items at home
  • ask an adult if you need help or can't solve a problem

 Be Respectful

  • use good manners
  • speak politely at all times (no swearing or foul language)
  • listen when you are spoken to
  • use inside voices
  • take turns and say, "please, thank you, excuse me"
  • use words to solve problems
  • leave others' belongings alone
  • be respectful of others by wearing clothing that belongs in a place of learning
  • do not use "put downs", ethnic, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks

All staff, students, parents and visitors are expected to be kind, safe, respectful and therefore, responsible.

These expectations apply to behaviour at school, during school organized/sponsored activities and behaviour beyond thse times (including online behaviour) that negatively impacts the safe, caring or orderly environment of the school, and/or student learning.

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