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Project Chef - In Residence Programme at UHill Elementary School

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University Hill Elementary School is the lucky recipient of The Project Chef In Residence Program. Every student from Kindergarten to Grade 5 in the school has the opportunity to learn about food literacy. Project CHEF focuses on teaching the children knowledge about healthy food as related to Canada's Food Guide and the skills to prepare healthy food choices for themselves. Herbs and vegetables from our school garden are included in our recipes. The program is approximately two hours a day for a week. During this time, the children will be learning kitchen safety as well as cooking and eating the food they prepare. All recipes are vegetarian.

Project Chef involves our students, teachers, parents and members from the community in learning about healthy food. Thanks to the parents who have stepped up to volunteer to assist each day of the programme and to PAC for the funding to defray costs. Talk to your child's classroom teacher if you want to volunteer. To learn more about Project CHEF and to discover resources to support healthy family meals, please explore the Project CHEF website at .

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