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VSB Email, Microsoft O365 & Teams, Password Reset

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  • Logging into Microsoft Office 365 account:
    • Go to
    • Your username is your VSB email:
    • Password: the one you created to log into a computer at school
    • Instructions PDF are on the left under the RESOURCES tab
  • If you have lost your password:
    • Students will need:
      • 1. Date of Birth (DOB) and
      • 2. P.E.N. (Personal Education Number)
    • Important Notes:
      • Your P.E.N. is NOT your UHill student number
      • P.E.N. is 9 digits long and starts with a 1
      • You can obtain your P.E.N. from your School Report Card, or calling your school's office

  • Instructions for VSB Students logging into Office 365 (see PDF attachment to the left under RESOURCES)
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