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Grade 7 Parent Information, Feb.3rd. 2021, 6pm-7pm (Virtual)

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All grade 7 parents and students are invited to University Hill’s Grade 7 Parent Info Evening/ Course Planning Night. This will be a virtual event. Prior to the event you will need to download Microsoft TEAMS APP. Parents and students will meet with counselors to receive information about UHill Secondary, Grade 8 courses offered, extracurricular activities and more! How to join: 

Go to the UHill Secondary website>ANNOUNCEMENTS>GRADE 7 PARENT INFO NIGHT. Then click the link and open the meeting in your web browser (or MS Teams if you have it.)

In case you missed us, you can watch the recording of the meeting at:


Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021, 6PM - 7pm

See pictures below for help logging in.  PLEASE LOG IN EARLY SO WE CAN START ON TIME.

Link: Click here to join the meeting

Evening presentation slides available to the left under RESOURCES.

For Chinese translation, see below or contact our Multicultural Liaison Worker Michelle Mai at

有关中文翻译,请参见下文或联系我们的多元文化联络员 Michelle Mai(麦小姐),电子邮箱



邀请所有7年级的父母和学生参加University Hill的7年级家长信息之夜/课程计划之夜。这将是一个虚拟事件。活动开始前,您需要下载Microsoft TEAMS APP。家长和学生将与辅导员会面,以获取有关UHill中学,提供的8年级课程,课外活动等的信息!如何加入:
转到UHill中学网站>公告>第7级父母信息之夜。然后单击链接,然后在Web浏览器(或MS Teams,如果有)中打开会议。

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