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VLN (Online) and Summer School Announcement

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VLN registration has now re-opened. Students cannot transfer over to a VLN course that they are presently taking in their home schools. Our K-9 programs run from September to June, and do not run over the summer, so students wanting to take a Grade 8 or 9 course would need to wait until September to register.

Students wanting to take courses over the summer have 2 options:

Option 1: Due to Covid-19, VSB Summer School will be different this summer. There will be no elementary, gifted, French Immersion, preview or remedial courses this summer. VSB Summer School will be limited to popular Grade 10-12 Completion courses towards graduation. Registration from the VSB Summer School website page will open on May 11th, and is limited to VSB students, including VSB International students. Courses will be taught online, paced by the teacher, using VLN content and MS Teams. Students will start July 2nd and finish on August 5th.

Option 2: VLN will offer our Grade 10-12 courses as usual, where students can start at any time and finish at any time, working at their own pace. They can register and start now and have up to one year to complete the course if needed, but can complete the course in the summer, or possibly before. VLN has additional courses that aren't offered in the VSB Summer School, and are available to both adult and out-of-district students as well. These are language, humanities, CLE 10, and other electives.

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