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Paving ways to access higher education for Black students

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The Vancouver School District is excited to participate in the University of British Columbia’s new program, UBC Black Futures, which aims to encourage Black high school students access higher education, who may not have access to or considered university an option.   

The program is for grades 10, 11 and 12 where students participate in on-campus sessions. Students will have the opportunity to participate in information sessions, lectures and teamwork activities with other high school students from across Metro Vancouver. They will learn about the importance of higher education and the variety of programs offered by UBC, and get hands-on practice with the application and admissions processes.   

High school students will have the opportunity to interact with Black undergraduate students, who are just a little older, and are a great resource for answering questions about UBC and Black experiences at university. 

Marvelous Nwadike, a grade 11 student at David Thompson Secondary School, says UBC Black Futures is showing him that he has more options when he graduates. 

“I wasn’t really the type of person who wanted to go to university,” he says. “But the program is showing me that university may be a lot better than I thought it was. We heard from students who are there now, talking about what university life is like. I’m not 100 per cent sure yet, but right now it is more likely that I will go university. It’s been a positive eye-opener.” 

The educational time spent by students in the program can be considered part of the Career Life Connections (CLC) or career preparation.  

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