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Attendance,  Punctuality and Reporting Absences

Teachers, counsellors, and administration regularly monitor attendance, attitude, and achievement.  Classroom teachers record absences and punctuality for each class into MyEdBC, (Ministry of Education student information data system). Student absences are then reported daily to parents/guardians via the School Messenger System by both voice mail and email notification. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school office for both a daily absence and/or extended absence.


Daily absences - Parents/guardians can now report absences to the office by email at  Emails should be sent using a parent/guardian email address and should provide the students name, date of absence, grade, student number and reason for the absence.    For extended absences parents/guardians must email the student’s counsellor.  A student should also be provided a note for their teachers.  Students must be reminded that falsifying attendance notes is unacceptable.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that is missed, regardless of the reason for the absence. Exceptions to this may be granted due to unforeseen circumstances.  If a student becomes ill while at school, or has an appointment during school time, student’s must sign out at the office.  Students will only be released with parent permission.  Students who are ill should not come to school and if they attend school and is deemed to be unwell, parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up their child.  

 Extended Periods of Absence

While parents/guardians have the right to remove their student from school for an extended period, there are natural consequences for this choice.  For students who take extended vacations, it is the subject teacher’s discretion to allow missed work.  Regardless, it is likely that a student’s grades will be affected from missing classes.  Any student who misses more than one month of school in consecutive absences may be withdrawn and asked to re-register upon their return.


Notice of Late Return Any student who arrives late for school in September without having completed a Notice of Late Return Form may be withdrawn.   Any student who leaves school before the final in-school exams may receive a zero on any missed exams.  Any student who leaves school before completing the Provincial Assessments must re-write the exam at a later date.   Note that U Hill Secondary may not offer all assessment sittings. 

Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones is not permitted in classes except as directed by the teacher for learning activities.  Cell phones must be turned off during classes.  Students who do not comply with this rule will have their cell phone or device confiscated and given to the administration to deem appropriate consequences.  Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be brought to exams.  During provincial and AP exams, if a student’s cell phone rings, the student will be disqualified for the examination.


Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

VSB policy states that: while at any school function, or on school property, students are forbidden to possess, use or show evidence of using alcohol or drugs. This policy is strictly enforced, and violation will always result in parent contact and may result in suspension.  The administration has the right to search the property and locker of a student that they suspect of having drugs and/or alcohol.  Smoking in the school or on VSB property is both prohibited and illegal.  Offenders will be referred to the administration for appropriate disciplinary action.


E-cigarettes, Personal Vaporizers (PV) or Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)

These are forbidden for students to possess and/or use while at any school function, or on school property. The health impact of repeatedly inhaling e‐cigarette chemicals is unknown. As such, this policy is strictly enforced, and violation will always result in parent contact and may result in suspension and/or an administrative transfer to another school. The administration has the right to search the property and locker of a student that they suspect of having e-cigarettes, vaporizers and/or ENDS. Offenders will be referred to the administration for appropriate disciplinary action.


Harassment and Violence Prevention We recognize that individuals should be treated with respect and dignity, and all students have the right to be free from harassment.  A student who bullies others in person, via the internet, or in other forms or commits racial, religious, or sexual harassment will be disciplined.  Harassment based on real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity will not be tolerated.  Violence of any kind also will not be tolerated.  Violence comes in various forms: verbal and written threats; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and harassment; and racial discrimination.  Any form of violence or intimidation that threatens the health, safety or welfare of students and staff is unacceptable.  If a student has been affected by harassment or violence or knows of others who have been affected by violence, it is important to inform a school Administrator, Teacher, Counsellor or Police.


Students are not permitted to bring weapons into the school.  Weapons are defined as any object that is used with the intent to hurt or frighten someone.  Any student found with a weapon, involved in a violent act, or in soliciting others to commit a violent act will be disciplined.  In all cases, the school Administrator will notify the student’s Parents/Guardians, and one or more of the following actions may be taken: the Police may be called; the student suspended; the student may be required to sign a behaviour contract.


Academic Integrity

It is expected that all students will show academic integrity by not cheating on homework, assignments, or tests.  Cheating includes plagiarism, having someone else do an assignment for you, submitting the same assignment more than once, cheating on a test or exam, and consciously assisting another student to attain marks through misrepresentation.  Inappropriate use of tutors and /or use of cell phones and/or other electronics during exams is also considered a breach of academic integrity.  Students caught cheating will receive a “0" for that work.  The incident will be recorded, and Parents/Guardians informed.  The student may not be eligible for school awards recognition for that term or year.  They may not be eligible for school-based scholarships for that academic year.  Repeated incidents of cheating could result in suspension.  Academic integrity must also be maintained on records of volunteerism and letters.  Students who are found to have submitted forged, altered, or falsified documents, will receive disciplinary action by their grade administrator.  If falsified documents were presented to misrepresent a student’s achievement or participation as part of a university admission, a communication to that effect will be relayed to all universities to which the student has applied.

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