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School Policies and Procedures

Lockers and Locks

Lockers are school property. They must be treated with care and may be opened by the school administration if the need arises. It is strongly recommended that students purchase and use a school-issued heavy-duty lock for lockers.  They can be purchased from the school for $11.00 each.  A student requires two locks – one for their hall locker and one for PE classes.   Parents/Guardians and students are reminded that neither the school nor the Vancouver School Board has insurance to cover the loss of or damage to a students’ personal property,  and that lockers are not completely secure from theft. We recommend that students never leave valuable items or cash in lockers. The school is not responsible for losses.


Textbooks are provided free of charge, subject to their return in good condition. Students are charged REPLACEMENT COST for lost or damaged textbooks. Yearbooks, reports, and registration documents may be withheld if there are outstanding charges.

Attendance and Punctuality

Teachers, counsellors and administration regularly monitor attendance, attitude and achievement. 
Subject Teachers check attendance and punctuality each period, and record student absences and lates into My EdBC, the Ministry of Education student information data system.
Student absence is reported daily to Parents/Guardians via the Synrevoice system whereby Parents/Guardians receive an email or voice mail notification of their child’s absence. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school office, grade counsellor and grade administrator of any extended absence from school.  It is the student’s responsibility to bring a note to the Teachers signed by the parent or guardian to explain a reason for an absence.
Falsifying attendance notes is unacceptable. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that is missed, regardless of the reason for the absence. Exceptions to this may be granted due to unforeseen circumstances. 
If a student becomes ill while at school, or has an appointment during school time, it is the student’s responsibility to sign out at the office.  Students will only be released with parent permission.  Students who are ill should not come to school.  If a student attends school and is deemed to be unwell, the Administration may phone home and ask Parents/Guardians to pick up their child and take him or her home.

Illness & Accidents

All cases of illness and accidents occurring in the school or on the grounds are to be reported at once to the Office. No student is to leave the school because of illness or accident without reporting to the school Secretary, Nurse, Counsellor, or Administrator, so that parents may be notified. In the case of accident or injury, a report form will be completed.

Field Trips/Career Preparation

Prior to participating in field trips and work experience placements, students must have consent forms signed by parents and have obtained approval from subject teachers. A transportation or entry fee may be assessed. However, no student is denied the opportunity to take part in a field trip because of cost. If there is financial difficulty, parents/guardians are asked to contact the Counsellor or Administrator.

Lost & Found

A Lost & Found is operated in the school for clothing, textbooks, and other items. Lost items of value are kept secure in the Office.


The school has a cafeteria for student and staff use. Students who bring their lunch eat their lunch in the halls or in the cafeteria space. Students are encouraged to bring their lunch, and not to frequent the Village or the UBC campus.

School Store

The School Store is run by the Business Education students.  The school store sells school supplies and other sundries.  The school store is only open during lunchtime. 


Students riding bicycles to school are strongly urged to lock them in the racks near the front of the school. The school accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged bicycles.

Environmental Friendliness

University Hill is situated in a park-like setting, and we are obliged to ensure that this wonderful area is free from litter. Each student is asked to help keep our school environment clean.

The school parking lot is for University Hill staff only.   

School & Community Communications

The daily bulletin is posted outside the Office and on the school website.  This is the best way for students and Parents/Guardians to stay informed:  Add our website to your favourites right now!  Students wishing to submit notices must have them initialled by a sponsor teacher before presenting them to the office by 12:30pm, the day prior to publication.  In addition, the school uses periodic written and e-mailed newsletters, Synrevoice messages, school newspapers, assemblies, and parent meetings to inform students, Parents/Guardians, and the community about school programs and events. Parents please ensure that your email is correct in our school records.


Physically disabled students are cared for by their SSWA, teacher, and other students.
FIRE - At the sound of the alarm:
A.    When classes are in session, students:
1.     Follow the instructions of the teacher.
2.     Leave the building in an orderly and quiet fashion so that instructions can be heard.
3.     Remain in class groups with their Teachers.
4.     Move well away from the buildings and report to the assembly area (the turf field).
5.     Are not to re-enter the building until they hear the tone signal.
B.    When classes are not in session (noon hour, between periods, before and after school), students:
1.     Leave the building in an orderly fashion through the nearest exit and move to the assembly area (the turf field) and report to Advisory group.
2.     Move away from the exits and off the driveways so as not to impede fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.
A.    When classes are in session, students:
1.     Immediately DROP AND TAKE COVER under desks or tables.
3.     ASSUME CRASH POSITION (on knees, head down, eyes closed tightly, clasped hands on back of neck or head covered with book or jacket).
4.     Stay under cover until the shaking stops then COUNT ALOUD to 60 and remain in sheltered position.
B.    When classes are not in session (noon hour, between periods, before and after school), students:
1.     Immediately DROP AND TAKE COVER.
2.     Move to an interior wall and TURN AWAY FROM WINDOWS, shelving, or heavy objects such as lockers that may fall.
4.     Stay under cover until shaking stops then COUNT ALOUD TO 60.
5.     BE SILENT AND LISTEN FOR INSTRUCTIONS; do not leave building until instructed.
“Stay Safe, Leave Safe” Procedures
In the event that a potential threat may be encountered “Stay Safe, Leave Safe” procedures will be used when it is either safer to stay in an area that can be secured and/or leave the building as and when it is safer to do so.
Dangerous Goods Incidents
Instructions will be given over the PA system. Teachers and students remain in the building until an evacuation route has been determined. Teachers guide their students to the evacuation assembly point. Students remain in class groups until dismissal or re-entry procedures are determined.

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