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Business Education

Applied Skills

The Applied Design, Skills and Technology Department has four components: Business Education; Information Technology; Home Economics and Technical Studies.
This course is designed to introduce Grade 9 students to coding with HTML.  No platform will be used.  It will include HTML5, CSS and Java Script.  Each student will design, code and verify their own web page.
KEYBOARDING 11                                                                                                          YBMO-1C
The purpose of this course is to develop keyboarding proficiency as a personal life skill and as a foundation for career development. The course is designed to improve keyboarding, formatting, proofreading, and editing skills. The students will be introduced to personal and business applications and encouraged to use their keyboarding skills in other curricular areas. Research has shown that keyboarding increases performance in reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and creative writing; as a result, keyboarding is a communication skill essential in today's computer oriented society.
ACCOUNTING 11                                                                                                             MAC- -11
Students need financial, economic, and consumer skills to survive in our complex society. This course is designed as an introduction to accounting concepts for those seeking entry level employment skills or a career in Accounting/Business/Commerce.
ACCOUNTING 12                                                                                                             MACC- -12
This course enables students to use industry standard computer software and systems to analyze and solve accounting problems, building toward a future career in Accounting/Business/Commerce.
BUSINESS COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 11                                                                   MBCA-11
This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to develop skills in the following areas: keyboarding, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and web page design. Industry standard software will be emphasized. Each of these areas will focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving with a business entrepreneurial emphasis.
DATA MANAGEMENT 12                                                                                                  MDM- -12
This course allows students to demonstrate proficiency in using industry standard software and the Internet to accomplish advanced business tasks. It will also include designing and delivering presentations. Students will be expected to be proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, database, desktop publishing and Internet use at the beginning of the course.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP 12                                                                                               MENT-12
Pre-Requisite Course Required: none, open to all in Gr 11 &12
This course allows students to develop and demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit, characteristics and work ethic.  A well-developed interest in business and self-employment are required.  Students will be responsible for developing and implementing a number of business ventures through-out the course of the year.
ECONOMICS 12                                                                                                                MEC- -12
Economics 12 fills the admission requirements for local universities such as SFU and UBC. Students will learn how the economy works from both a macro and micro economic perspective. In addition to economic concepts, students will also be taught how to put together and conduct business presentations, formal business reports, and to think critically. Topics will include: Government policies, Price controls, Supply and Demand, the Canadian and Global economy, Finance, the Stock Market, and current business news and trends.
AP ECONOMICS-MICROECONOMICS 12                                                                      AMI- -12
Pre-Requisite Course Required: none, open to all Gr 11 & 12
AP Economics- Microeconomics will be offered for the first time at University Hill.  Students will apply and may be granted entrance based on criteria established by the AP Committee.  Microeconomics will focus on the principles of economics that apply to the functions of individual economic decision-makers. The course also develops students’ familiarity with the operation of product and factor markets, distributions of income, market failure, and the role of government in promoting greater efficiency and equity in the economy. Students learn to use graphs, charts, and data to analyze, describe, and explain economic concepts

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