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Home Economics

The Applied Design, Skills and Technology Department has four components: Business Education; Information Technology; Home Economics and Technical Studies.
EXPLORATIONS 9 – HOME ECONOMICS                                                             MADFS09
 This course is designed to introduce grade 9 students to Home Economics design and textiles and foods and nutrition.  It will include lab work where students will complete a variety of textile and food projects.  Each student will participate in individual and group practical work.
JUNIOR FOODS                                                                                                     
FOODS 10                                                                                                                MFDN-10
FOODS 11                                                                                                                MFDN-11
Junior Foods is open to any student in Grade 10 or 11. Students will learn to prepare a wide selection of foods to enable them to assemble quick and nutritious meals. Practical work will include: flour mixtures and baking, pasta, rice, protein foods, cheese and milk, eggs, fruits and vegetable. Students will prepare a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. 
Note that this course may only be taken once: either in Grade 10 or in Grade 11.
FOODS 11                                                                                                                MFDN-11
FOODS 12                                                                                                                MFDN-12
 Students will increase their knowledge and skills in Senior Foods and Nutrition.  More advanced techniques and skills in the lab will be developed.  Practical work will include: preservation, seasonal and festive foods, protein cookery, yeast breads and staple foods.  Students will complete theory on nutrition, healthy life styles, and cultural foods.  To finish the year a "Foods Around The World" Project will be done.  Students will use advanced food preparation techniques, equipment and terminology and apply time management to meal planning.  A variety of group and independently planned labs will be carried out with nutrition and food preparation skills emphasized. Note that this course may only be taken once: either in Grade 11 or in Grade 12.

TEXTILES 10                                                                                                             MTXT-10
TEXTILES 11                                                                                                             MTXT-11
TEXTILES 12                                                                                                             MTXT-12
Open to any student in Grade 10 to 12. Students will be able to plan and make a variety of textile items using commercial patterns.  They will be able to demonstrate safe and appropriate use of tools and equipment to produce these items.  A minimum of one project will be required, with an emphasis based on techniques (5 per project). Materials will be required.

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