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Information Technology

The Applied Design, Skills and Technology Department has four components: Business Education; Information Technology; Home Economics and Technical Studies.


(II)                      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY


BA COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES 10A                                 YCAIS0A

This is an introductory level course intended to expose students to computer technology. It will examine elementary aspects of computer architecture, termi­nology, and applications suitable for personal use such as databases, spreadsheets, and web pages. It will permit students to develop basic programming skills. The students will develop planning, organizational, and communication skills using relevant technology, as well as problem solving and basic programming skills.


COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 11                                                  MICTS11

The challenge for students and teach­ers in Information Technology today is to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of information literacy and the tools required to prepare for, and participate in, an evolving informa­tion-based society. Four main areas will be considered: programming (using an object oriented language and HTML), networks, electronic communications (using a variety of software applications including multimedia).


COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 12                                                 MICTS12

Information Technology 12 is an extension of MICTS11. Students will be asked to solve increasingly complex problems using the skills introduced in MICTS11 and further developed in MICTS12. These include programming, web page design, network and multimedia skills. Software and hardware will vary each year depending on available resources.


COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 12                                                               MICTP12

Students will learn a variety of programming languages and structures. This course is designed for students interested in a career in programming.

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