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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department offers two programs: French and Spanish. The communicative approach is being used as the basic philosophy for language learning at all levels and the international standards of the levels of language proficiency of the European Common Framework of Languages are adopted into our teaching and assessment. We focus on five areas of language acquisition: Reading, Writing, Oral Production, Oral Interaction, and Listening. We encourage students to learn many languages to prosper in our global economy.



FRENCH 9                                                                                                            MFR- -09

FRENCH 10                                                                                                          MFR- -10

What is AIM?  Accelerated Integrated Method?

In the junior levels, French 9, and French 10 are taught using a new approach to learning.  This new method is called THE AIM METHOD (Accelerated Integrative Method).  Many Vancouver Schools have adopted this method, which is also used in the USA and Australia and is growing around the world helping to teach French,  English, Spanish and Mandarin. 

Aim is a sequential program designed to accelerate the acquisition of French as a second language for students with little or no fluency in the language.


  • Successful at promoting fluency – a highly communicative program that meets all provincial ministry outcome
  • Modular and sequential, with emphasis on developmental learning
  • A program that ensures an extensive vocabulary is taught, then subsequently reviewed and consolidated from one unit to the next
  • A program that builds on students’ past experiences
  • Motivating
  • Easy to teach
  • Flexible and adaptable allowing teachers to customize activities to suit every situation and all students
  • Based on a variety of proven successful techniques, strategies and methodologies
  • A program that promotes the development  of higher level thinking skills
  • A truly multidimensional approach


BA INTRODUCTORY FRENCH                                                                              YLOE-1B

In this introductory French course, students will learn basic French vocabulary, pronunciation and phrases useful for travel, social contacts and daily activities.  They will study various cultural aspects of the French speaking world such as French history, literature, film, cuisine and geography.  This course is of particular interest to students who were not able to take French in their early high school years because they have English as an Additional Language or are International students.


FRENCH 11                                                                                                                MFR- -11

This intermediate course emphasizes both oral and written proficiency. Course work includes an intensive study of the formation and usage of basic verb tenses (present, passe compose, future, imperfect, pluper­fect, and conditional), and the use of pronouns (direct/indirect demon­strative).

Text: D’accord 2

We will explore and respond to authentic cultural works from the Francophone world. In this course, students will also study countries of the French speaking world and identify the contributions of Francophones to Canada and the world.  Students will study similarities and differences between Francophone cultures and their own.


FRENCH 12                                                                                                                MFR- -12

Students continue to develop listening and speaking skills, to expand control of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures and to improve their general ability to read and write French.  Course work includes an intensive study of the formation and usage of web tenses and of the subjunctive, pronouns expressions of quantity, prepositions, adverbs, negative expressions, imperative, "si" clauses and indirect speech.

Text: D’accord 3

We will explore and respond to authentic cultural works from the Francophone World.

In this course, students will continue their study of countries of the French speaking world through literature, art and film.  They will discuss contemporary issues in the Francophone World.


Hola !

SPANISH 10                                                                                                               MSP- -10

Course work includes reflexive and stem-changing verbs; regular forms of the preterite, and, the use of the comparative and superlative. Both oral, listening, and written proficiency will play key roles in day-to-day course work as will a study of the cultures of Spanish speaking people around the world.

Text: Descubre 1


SPANISH 11                                                                                                             MSP- -11

This course continues work completed in Spanish 10, and reinforces all aspects of language learning. Spanish 11 emphasizes different past tenses (preterite, imperfect, present perfect and future).

Text: Descubre 1 and 2


SPANISH 12                                                                                                           MSP- -12

In this course, students will continue the study of verbs, including the subjunctive and commands.  Students will begin to explore Spanish and Latin American film and literature.

Text: Descubre 2 and 3

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