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Physical Education

Lifelong  participation in physical activity has many benefits and is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  In our grade 9-10 co-educational classes, our team of educators will support student competencies in physical literacy and healthy and active living by engaging students in both individual and team activities, leadership opportunities, workshops and indoor and outdoor recreational pursuits within our community.  Peaked interests and passions that have been developed within these domains are the focus of courses offered at the senior level.



  •  Regular attendance
  •  Participation and leadership
  • Gym strip and non-marking running shoes or appropriate footwear


PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 9                                                   MPHE-09

Compulsory Units:  Active Health, Fitness Assessment, Dance

Students will be offered at least 6 of the following activities:  orienteering, archery, resistance training, table tennis, badminton, ultimate, soccer, touch/flag football, minor games, and volleyball.


PE10: FIT FOR LIFE                                                                                       MPE- -10SC1

If you are looking for a course that meets the PHE10 requirements but are not that into traditional team sports, then Fit for Life is the course for you!  Students will explore an array of activities that will enhance their fitness, promote the fun factor and encourage a life -long appreciation of a healthy lifestyle.    As there are limited spots for this course, students must apply.  See the PE Office Notice Board for forms and hand into the counselors.



By the completion of this course each student is expected to:

Understand the components and benefits of physical fitness

  • Understand training principles and how to apply them
  • Understand nutrition basics and how to maintain a healthy body composition
  • Become familiar of a variety of fitness genres (i.e. yoga, circuit training, dance (eg: Zumba), weight-training, bosu-ball, body ball, hiking, biking, water sports, indoor rock climbing, online workouts)
  • Design and implement goals and exercise regimes
  • Plan and instruct a group in circuit classes
  • Understand Yoga history and principles
  • Understand and implement safe practices and techniques
  • Improve overall fitness levels
  • Assess online resources for safety and program design
  • Realize personal growth in health and wellness, self –awareness, mindfulness, stress reduction, team building, collaboration

**** Course will have field trips.  Fees will be required (but should never be a hindrance to participation)


PHYSICAL EDUCATION 10                                                                             MPE- -10

Compulsory Units:  Active Health, Fitness Assessment, Dance

Students will be offered at least 6 of the following activities:  basketball, volleyball, team handball, soccer, rugby, ultimate, badminton, resistance training, team building/leadership activities, archery, geocaching, and minor games.


ELL PHYSICAL EDUCATION 9                                                                       MPE- -09ELL           

ELL PHYSICAL EDUCATION 10                                                                     MPE- -10ELL

For the reception level ELL student.  This course is designed to allow skills and health related components of PE to be practiced in a safe and encouraging way while allowing students to acquire the “language” of Physical Education. 


PHYSICAL EDUCATION 11                                                                             MPE- -11 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 12                                                                             MPE- -12

Students in grade 11 and 12 will be exposed to a diverse program of physical activities with an emphasis on team sports, individual pursuits, games, skill acquisition and physical fitness.  The goal of this course is to enhance student’s quality of life through healthy living and physical activity.  Students will develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.  Students are encouraged to further their mastery of individual and team sport theory and skills.  FIELD TRIPS ARE AN INTEGRAL COMPONENT OF THIS COURSE.  THERE WILL BE A COURSE FEE


WARRIOR 11                                                                                                   YHRA-1B

WARRIOR 12                                                                                                   YHRA-2B

If you would like to experience a more personalized PE class, then look no further!  In Warrior, students will have the opportunity to create, implement and evaluate their own personal fitness plan.  Once the teacher has provided instruction in the fitness center on the FITT principle, components of fitness, overload principle, specificity, safety and proper technique of all equipment, motivational and monitoring techniques and strategies, it will be time to move from guided practice to independent practice.  These classes will take place in the weight room, dance studio and outside.  Traditional sports will not be offered.  FIELD TRIPS WILL BE OFFERED.  THERE WILL BE A COURSE FEE.


YOGA 12                                                                                                             YLRA-2A

Pre-Requisite Course Required: Open to all in GR 11& 12

This course is intended to introduce students to the practice and study of yoga as a form of exercise, stress management, as well as a tool for mindfulness and self-awareness.  Yoga class is a space in which students will learn to safely work on flexibility, spinal mobility, posture, sitting, increased strength and graceful movements.  Assessment will be based on physical practice and observations, research and communication and presentations.


BA BASKETBALL COACHING 11 & 12                                                            YLRA-1E

This course has been designed to help students learn the basic skills in order to become a successful coach.  The students will be trained in BCCP Level A Coaching Certification.  They will also learn about extensive team and individual skills that will help them as a coach and as an athlete.  There will be training in refereeing, timing and scoring, and sport specific fitness.  THIS COURSE WILL BE OFFERED OFF TIMETABLE IN THE MORNINGS.


LEADERSHIP 11                                                                                                  YHRA-1A

LEADERSHIP 12                                                                                                  YHRA-2A

The Leadership course is intended to allow students to explore relevant skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, fundraising, creativity, strategy, collaboration, planning and decision making.  A September teambuilding retreat will lay the foundation for the year.  There will be course fees ($90).

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