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Technical Studies

The Applied Design, Skills and Technology Department has four components: Business Education; Information Technology; Home Economics and Technical Studies.


 ADST9 – METALWORK AND JEWELLERY                                               MADM-09

JEWELLERY 11                                                                                                    YIA- -1AJ

JEWELLERY 12                                                                                                    YIA- -2AJ

This course will introduce students to a variety of jewellery making techniques.  These techniques may include but are not limited to beading, wire work, casting, and metal smithing/fabrication.  The design process will also be part of the course.  A variety of materials may be used such as silver, copper, aluminum, jems, beads and wire.


GENERAL EXPLORATIONS 9 (TECHNOLOGY)                                                 MADGE09

TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION 10                                                                          MTEG-10

Students will get hands on experience in designing and building projects. They will have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials, tools and equipment. This course may also explore drafting, electronics and robotics. The skills developed will help students in their future studies, especially in areas such as drafting and design, and engineering. Projects may include designing and building a robot (VEX or Lego), a design project using a CADD program, egg car, metal picture frame, key fob, wooden whistle, electronic circuit, gumball machine, etc.


DRAFTING AND DESIGN 11                                                                               MDD- -11

DRAFTING AND DESIGN 12                                                                               MDD- -12

Students will be taught basic drafting and design. They will apply this knowledge to planning and problem solving in order to complete various assignments. The assignments will help develop their creative/critical thinking skills, understanding of the design process and how to graphically represent their designs. Students will also have the opportunity to develop skills in the use of computer aided drafting and design programs such as Sketchup, AutoCad and Revit. Topics covered may include architecture, interior design, furniture design, mechanical design etc.


ENGINEERING 11                                                                                                  YERT-1A

ENGINEERING 12                                                                                                  YERT-2A

This course is designed for students who plan to pursue engineering and/or applied science related careers. This course will explore engineering design basics, a variety of construction techniques using various materials tools and equipment, and incorporate some drafting and possibly CADD work. Their problem solving skills will be developed through hands-on project design challenges. Projects may include a trebuchet, model bridge, pendulum golf, wind powered boat, mousetrap car, compressed air rocket etc. In addition, students may have the opportunity to design, build and program a robot.

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