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Library / Learning Commons

books galore... and the life-saving printer 

The University Hill Library is available to all current students throughout the year as a resource for books, encyclopedias and the Internet. The Library also offers a large selection of current magazines ranging from Time to Popular Mechanics, and a collection of movies on DVD's open for students to borrow from. Further, Vancouver Sun, the National Post, Globe and Mail, and Sunday New York Times are located directly beside the entrance near the photocopier, for the reading pleasure of al students.


The library also is equipped with a set of 15 laptops, equipped with wireless Internet for class research use. These computers are available for teachers to reserve, and are equipped with Microsoft Office software. For individual use, 8 computers are equipped with Internet access around the library, MS Office software and CD/DVD burners.
The Library Store is operated by Ms. Chiang and the library club, with proceeds going towards library equipment, charitable causes as well as parties for the library club members. (The flat screen monitors at the library computers were purchases with funds raised from the store.) The Library store offers healthy snacks. Stationery equipment is also for sale.
library hours

Monday8:15 - 11:3012:15 - 3:45
Tuesday8:15 - 11:3012:15 - 3:45
Wednesday8:15 - 11:3012:15 - 3:45
Thursday8:15 - 11:3012:15 - 3:45
Friday8:15 - 11:0011:30 - 1:45

*hours subject to change 

Loan Periods

Books (hardcovers, paperbacks)2 weeks
Periodicals (magazines)2 weeks
Circulating encyclopedia, reference books1 night
Videos and DVDs2 weeks

Checking Out Materials
Students must have a valid GO card to check out materials. A card is issued at the beginning of the year. Loss of a GO card must be reported immediately for replacement. You may check online for your borrower record and list of materials you have checked out. The website is
Borrowing materials using another student's GO card may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

Borrowing Limits
There is a limit of 3 books and periodicals per student at a time. Exceptions may be made for research projects to the maximum of 5 books and periodicals per student. Due to the popularity of videos and DVDs, there is a limit of 2 videos and/or DVDs per student.

Returning Materials
During Library Hours, use the book slot inside the library at the entrance doors to return materials.
Overdues, Lost/Damaged Materials
Please return all materials on or before due date. Student's borrowing privileges will be suspended upon two overdue items. Students will be notified of overdues through their block A teachers. Once these are returned, privileges will be reinstated. Charges will be levied for damaged and lost materials.

Library materials not desensitized by library staff will set off security alarms at the door. Public library materials that may or may not have been desensitized should be brought to the attention of staff before taken through the security gates.


internet/computers Computers / Internet Use Students are welcome to use the five IBM compatible computers for research and word-processing. Loading or using own software of any kind is not permitted. Internet access is available to all students who are registered and were assigned a Novell account and password. Students are expected to comply with the school-wide rules and regulations concerning internet use. Students are not to play games, chat, blog or fill out surveys/questionnaires via the internet. A colour laser printer is available for student use. There is a charge of $0.50 per colour page, as well as $0.10 for each b/w page to defray the cost of toner and paper. Abuse or misuse of software or equipment will result in loss of privileges. Photocopying Students are reminded that photocopying of most library materials is limited to 10% of the publication for personal use. Full details of this policy are available at the circulation desk. Copies can be made on the library photocopier, located by the magazine rack, for $0.20 per copy (letter or legal, b/w only).

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