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Update on Printing for 2020-2021 

 Throughout the day, you can access the ULC printer.  Your printing account has $1 in it to start the school year.  If you run out of printing money, speak to Ms. Love.


1. Enter the ULC when you can see that one of the three labelled computers is free.  Only one person can use a computer at a time. Don’t enter the ULC with a friend.

2. Sign in at the table near the front door closest to the boy’s bathroom.  Clearly write your name and student number in the appropriate block for the day. Sanitize your hands.

3. Login to computer 1, 2, or 3 and print your document.

4. Maintain social distance from others at all times.

5. Use the nearby spray and towels to sanitize your computer. 

6. Exit the ULC through the doors closest to the girl’s bathroom.

NOTE: Sometimes the printer will be unavailable when classes are using the ULC.

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