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Remembrance Day at Van Tech

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This year, while we cannot not gather physically to honour and remember those who fought and sacrificed for our peace and freedoms, we will be holding virtual assemblies in each face-to-face class on November 12.  The Flex Humanities 8 Class have created a presentation for this year’s assembly following the theme, “Faire de memoire/Memory-as-Care”.  The assembly will also include performances by our Chamber Choir and Senior Strings Orchestra. 


Each student has also created a “reflection poppy” where they have responded to one of the following: 

  • Remembrance Day makes me think of....
  • Remembrance Day is more than past wars it can also be about… 
  • Remembrance Day makes me appreciate....
  • Remembrance Day affects more than the veterans, for example… 

These poppies have been put on display in the main foyer and complement the displays by the All Nations Room, Student Council, and the Library.  

If students would like to donate, there will be collection tins upon entry to the school this week and in the office.  

Donations collected during the Poppy Campaign are held in Trust at the Legion branch level to directly support Veterans and their families within OUR community and to help ensure Canadians ‘never forget’.  

If you would prefer an online option, you can make a donation and purchase a VIRTUAL POPPY at: 

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