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Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST)

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The long tradition of technical training at Van Tech is alive and well. Since the days our school began, students have had many opportunities to receive hands on learning. This caries on today as we move ahead with new curriculum and teach Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST.) While some of our students will continue in trades to become carpenters, chefs and graphic designers, all are gaining transferable skills while doing hands on learning in our courses.

ADST is much more than shop or home economics, students learn processing and critical thinking. Students learn real life applications of math and literacy skills and they learn time management through group work. The best part of ADST may be that the students learn all these skills while creating amazing tangible products. From food they can eat, to chairs and tables they can use, and robots that are programmed to accomplish complex tasks, the students at Van Tech have a breadth of opportunity available to them that is almost unmatched anywhere.

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