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International Women’s Day: Inspiring women at Van Tech

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Marked annually on March 8, International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements and raises awareness on women’s rights and gender equality worldwide. Today, Grade 12 student Quincy Johnson talks about Vancouver Technical Secondary’s first women empowerment club to mark International Women’s Day, 2022. In Canada, this year’s theme is Women Inspiring Women – and this club and student are a testimony to that! 

Written by Quincy Johnson, Grade 12, Van Tech 

Our FemmInAction club at Van Tech is about inspiring women at our school in addition to women in the broader Vancouver community. Our goal is to encourage women at our school to take on leadership roles by providing a safe space for them to connect with other women at school. What I love most about this club is connecting with different women who are involved, listening to different perspectives, and learning about what other women in our school are passionate about. I think that is what makes this club so unique.  

At FemmInAction, we are always working on many different art projects to give women the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way. Throughout the month of December 2021, our club launched a fundraiser to collect feminine hygiene products for women-in-need. This initiative really showed our club the importance of supporting and connecting with other women throughout the community.  

For Red Dress Day on February 14, our club created a self-guided walking tour around our school. Students walked around the school and stopped in different areas to learn more information related to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit Peoples (MMIWG2S).  

With projects like these, our club hopes to show our solidarity with women and educate students to inspire change in the future. We hope to continue these efforts at FemmInAction to bring the women at Van Tech together to support each other. Happy International Women’s Day!  

How are you choosing to mark International Women’s Day? Learn more about this year’s campaign: 

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