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Athlete Registration

Once selected and confirmed to a team after tryouts, please complete the following.

You were given an Athletics Checklist by your coach or athletic director to complete.

1. Spring Sports Registration Form

Athletes need to complete the online registration form prior to the start of each season.  Note: If you are competing on multiple teams during the same season, you only need to complete the form once.

2. When this has been completed, please sign the appropriate area of the Athletics Checklist that you were given by your coach to confirm that you have completed the online registration form.

3. Student-athletes and their parents/guardians need to carefully read the Athletic Information and Regulations document.  

4. Once the document has been read, please sign the Athletics Checklist that you were given by your coach to confirm your understanding of the document.

5. Complete the Medical History and Information Form.  *If you have previously played on a sports team this school year and have already completed submitted your emergency contact information and medical history information, then you do not need to do this again.

6. Once all the tasks on the Athletics Checklist have been completed, please return all  forms (Athletics Checklist and Medical History and Information Form) along with your team athletic fee to the uniform pickup day to receive your uniform (listen to the announcements or follow @vantechathletics on Instagram to find out when these days are).

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