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Upcoming parent/guardian workshops for the school year:

1.  DPAC Sustainability Event - Nov 26th

Join an engaging and informative evening with your DPAC community for part two of the sustainability education series called Sustainability: Principles to Practice this coming Thursday, November 26, 2020. You will take away the latest information about the Vancouver Plan for greening our city, plus the latest developments and next planning stages. 

 Register at

Come discover more about the Six Big Moves and comprehensive recommendations that will improve access and mobility, increasing wellness, and guide the principles in reaching essential climate targets. 

Hear from student organizers for this year's VSB Sustainability Conference. Meet resilient teens who have generously given their time to share their experience, strategies, and tips with parents. Support these highly motivated and devoted student leaders, committed to raising awareness and creating a sustainable future for themselves and the generations following them. 

Hear from past Sustainabiliteens who are now mentoring and supporting students and keeping the momentum going. Hear what practical steps you can take and how empowering it feels when you embrace life affirming principles and take them into practice by making steps that enhance future outcomes.

 See attached flyer....DPAC Sustainability Event.pdf

2.  FUSE Society - November 28th

Dear grade 11 and 12 VT parents:

FUSE Society, a federally registered non-profit led by high school students in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia is inviting current students planning to study business in university to register and attend the following webinar.

Due to the pandemic, the admission processes for many Canadian universities have been altered. A Webinar Q&A has been organized for November 28th with the admission officers from Canada’s top business programs to give high school students a chance to learn more about the admission process and requirements in light of this peculiar year. Admission representatives from the business faculties of University of Toronto, Queen’s University, and Western University will be answering questions during the webinar. 

Vancouver Technical Secondary’s students who are interested in participating, please sign up through a Google Form here:

Past workshops & resources:

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