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Thank you, Indigo "Love of Reading" program, for Adopting our school! We are so grateful for the $2600.00 you raised for us!! <3

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Indigo Love of Reading is a grant program where an Indigo store 'adopts' a school to sponsor and Waverley was the lucky recipient this fall. we are so grateful for the over $2600 that was raised by generous shoppers at Indigo! Thank you so much to:

-Chris Wilks (Indigo manager at Granville & Broadway location)

-all the Indigo staff who supported the fundraiser

-Ms. Shen and Ms. Rhead for helping with the fundraising event

-Ms. Nijjar and Ms. Clark for helping to write the grant application, and to Ms. Clark for the whole idea and being part of every step!

Wowee- thanks for these funds towards new library books at our school, Indigo! <3

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