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School Plan: April 6 - 10

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Schools remain closed. Thank you for your help to ensure the health and safety of our community by not visiting the school.

This past week, school staff connected with students and families to gather and update email contact information, and teachers began work on developing plans for online student learning opportunities. We had originally planned for students to be able to collect their belongings from their lockers this week, but this has been put on hold while the District reviews health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of all staff and students entering the school building. Once a plan has been confirmed, information will be shared with students and families.

The focus for this week is for students to connect to their new learning environment on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the platform that will be used for teachers to communicate and provide learning opportunities for students, and is accessible through each students' VSB account. Students may also want to download the Microsoft Teams app on to their phone.

Week of April 6 - 9

  • Students will check that they are able to log in to their VSB Student Account to access Microsoft Teams. See instructions below.
  • Teachers will continue to develop plans for online student learning opportunities.
  • Teachers will begin making contact with students in their classes on Microsoft Teams. When and how this is done will vary from teacher to teacher. Learning does not restart yet.
  • Assessment of student access to technology or learning resources will take place.
  • The District will continue to keep families informed of matters related to the COVID-19 response. For more information, please visit the district website at

VSB Student Account

Students will need access to their VSB student account to be able to engage in the learning opportunities in their classes online. Students, please follow the steps below to check that you can access your account.

  1. Go to: and click "Sign in".
  2. Sign in with your VSB email address. It is your
  3. Enter your Password. This is the same password you use to log onto school computers. If you forgot your password, choose one of the following options to reset your password:


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