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School Plan: April 13 - 17

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Schools remain closed. Thank you for your continued assistance to ensure the health and safety of our community by not visiting the school.

Last week, students and teachers started to re-connect with each other and familiarize themselves in their new learning environment on Microsoft Teams. This week, learning opportunities begin in classes on Microsoft Teams. What this looks like will vary from class to class and teacher to teacher. Students should be checking in with each of their teachers on Microsoft Teams.

Week of April 14 - 17

  • Learning opportunities begin in classes on Microsoft Teams.
  • Students should be going into their classes on Microsoft Teams to check in with their teachers and engage in learning opportunities.
  • Distribution of technology to students without technology at home will take place.
  • The District will continue to keep families informed of matters related to the COVID-19 response. For more information, please visit the district website at

Student Access to School

A plan for students to be able to collect their belongings from their lockers remains on hold while the District reviews health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of all staff and students entering the school building. Students requiring access to their locker to collect personal emergency items such as medication, eye glasses, etc. and/or learning resources (workbook, text), should complete a form online at by Wednesday, April 15.

Student and Family Support

The adjustment we have all had to make has had a great impact on all of us. The impact has created more stress and an increased need for resources for families. Please know that you may continue to reach out to our counsellors for support. Below is our counsellors' contact information and link to some helpful community resources.




Shelley Sullivan

Grade 9, Grade 8 (Leung-Ri)

Brigitte Patenaude

Grade 10, Grade 8 (D-Lee)

Irene Kim

Grade 11, Grade 8 (Ro-Z)

Barbara Ng

Grade 12, Grade 8 (A-C)

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