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Continuity of Learning

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Schools remain closed. Thank you for your continued assistance to ensure the health and safety of our community by not visiting the school.

It has taken a few weeks but our continuity of learning plan in an online learning environment is now well underway. At this time, students should have connected with their teachers and started work in their classes on Microsoft Teams. In the coming weeks, the focus will continue to be on student engagement in learning opportunities provided in classes online.

The transition to a remote/online learning environment is an adjustment for students and families. Please review the information below for tips and guidelines to help with student success.

Good Routines

  • Set a bedtime that allows you to feel well-rested in the morning.
  • Get dressed out of your pajamas even though you may not be going anywhere.
  • Regularly check your email and log in to your classes on Microsoft Teams.
  • Set a daily schedule for engaging in learning opportunities and doing school work, remembering to build in breaks.
  • Set small achievable goal(s) each day.
  • Be physically active. Schedule time in your day for exercise.
  • Eat good foods that provide you sustainable energy.
  • Ask for help from your teachers and family when you need it.

Safe Remote/Online Learning

Everyone plays a role to help ensure that our online learning environment is safe. All school rules apply. Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately online at all times following Windermere's Code of Conduct, VSB Acceptable Use Policy and digital citizenship guidelines provided by teachers.

Learning and Assessment

  • Students are expected to check into their classes on Microsoft Teams and engage in learning opportunities as per their teachers' instructions.
  • Students are expected to the best of their ability to participate in class and complete work assigned. Students are encouraged to reach out to their teacher(s) when they need help with work.
  • Teachers will follow up with students (and families) who are not regularly engaging in online learning opportunities and completing work.
  • The assessment of learning and reporting procedures remain the same. The work completed from April to June will reflect the third term mark. Final marks will be based on work completed throughout the school year, September to June.

Student Access to School

Under the direction of the District, a plan for students to be able to collect their belongings from their lockers remains on hold. We will communicate to students/families when we are able to move forward with this safely. In the meantime, students who require personal emergency items such as medication, eyeglasses, etc., should contact Mr. Despotakis at the school.


Please reach out to us if you require any assistance. For a staff list of who to contact, go to:

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