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MyEducation BC Family Portal

Students and parents share one account to view class information, attendance, interims and report cards. To log in to your account, click on MyEducation BC. If you have forgotten or need to reset your password, click on "I forgot my password" and follow the instructions. For detailed instructions to logging on to MyEducation BC, click here.  If you require additional support, please contact the school office for assistance.

VSB Student Account

Students will need to be able to log in to their VSB student account to use the Office 365 suite of applications including Microsoft Teams. Follow the steps below to log in to your account.

  1. Go to: and click "Sign in".
  2. Sign in with your VSB email address. It is your
  3. Enter your Password. This is the same password you use to log onto school computers. If you forgot your password, choose one of the following options to reset your password:

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