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Code of Conduct


Windermere encourages students to live up to the school motto: Facta Non Verba (Action Not Words). Through courses, clubs, extra-curricular activities and our Community School Program. Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate leadership and contribute to the school and community.


Windermere expects all its students to abide by its code of conduct: R E A C H – the Windermere Way.

  • Respect – I will treat myself, my peers, my teachers, and my school with respect.
  • Excellence – I will strive for personal excellence by giving my best effort in everything I do.
  • Attitude – I will remember that I can choose the way I think and feel about things.
  • Courage – I will find the courage to do what I know is right.
  • Honesty – I will act with integrity and honesty.

For more information on Windermere's Code of Conduct, please see the Windermere Student Agenda.

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