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Our Staff

Rose Mackenzie Principal 
Chas Desjarlais Indigenous Education District Principal
Elizabeth Cho  Administrative Assistant
Jessica Nelson Div. 1 - Gr. 6/7         
Kayli McKay Div. 2 - Gr. 4/5              
Jennifer Sebastian Div. 3 - Gr. 3/4  
Emma Rose Gould Div. 4 - Gr. 1/2   
Shishona Austin Div. 5 - Gr. K                   
Kyla Shields  Resource /Teacher Librarian
Michelle Wiens District Resource Teacher
Marjorie Dumont Resource / Cultural Teacher
Jaclyn Delachoux Area Counsellor
David Delorme Distric Resource Teacher Indigenous Education
Chris Dillon SSW - Div. 2 
Cinda Graham Staff Support Worker
Danya Gareau SSW - Div. 1 
Fionna Stokes SSW - Div. 3 
Frances Dickson SSW - Div. 4 
Shannon Palm SSW - Div. 5
Judy Ashcroft SSW - Div. 4 
Nina Mruzkova SSW - Div.  2
Nicole Brazeau Indigenous Education Enhancement Worker
Leah Van Meer-Mass Youth and Family Worker
Antonio Magnanao Engineer
Jessie Ugale Custodian
Rosa Spinelli Food Worker
Lana Leung Supervision Aides
Angela Esposito Supervision Aides
Valarie Lai StrongStart 
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