Completed Capital Projects

The VBE has 116 educational building facilities, which includes 75 elementary schools, 16 elementary annexes, 18 secondary schools, and 7 adult education centres. Between 1996 and 2014, with capital funding provided by the Ministry of Education, the VBE has completed 35 major capital projects, which includes 22 full seismic upgrades to existing facilities, 3 partial seismic upgrades to existing facilities, 7 replacement schools, 1 conversion and 2 new schools.

PLEASE NOTE:  The data contained in the individual school profiles is supplied on an 'as is, where is' basis. The Vancouver School Board assumes no obligation or liability for the use of the data by any person and makes no representations or promises regarding the completeness or accuracy or its fitness for a particular purpose.



  1. Britannia Elementary
  2. Britannia Secondary
  3. Byng Secondary
  4. Collingwood Neighbourhood Annex
  5. Cook Elementary
  6. Dickens Elementary
  7. Douglas Elementary
  8. Douglas Annex
  9. Elsie Roy Elementary
  10. Fraser Elementary
  11. Hastings Elementary
  12. Ideal Mini (Building A @ Laurier Elementary)
  13. Jules Quesnel Elementary
  14. Kerrisdale Elementary
  15. Kitchener Elementary
  16. Laurier Elementary
  17. Magee Secondary
  18. McBride Elementary
  19. Moberly Elementary
  20. Norma Rose Point Elementary
  21. Norquay Elementary
  22. Roberts Elementary
  23. Secord Elementary
  24. Selkirk Elementary
  25. Sexsmith Elementary
  26. Shaughnessy Elementary
  27. Tecumseh Elementary
  28. Total Education (@ Brock Annex)
  29. Trafalgar Elementary
  30. Trudeau Elementary
  31. Tupper Secondary
  32. University Hill Elementary
  33. University Hill Secondary (NRC UBC)
  34. Van Horne Elementary
  35. Vancouver Technical Secondary


Minor capital projects include renovations and additions.

  1. MacCorkindale Elementary
  2. Full Day Kindergarten Projects