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Secondary FAQ

Q: What are the expectations of students during this period?  

A: To the extent possible, students are expected to continue their learning which includes completing assignments and requirements as reasonably set out by their teachers to finish the course as they are able. 

Families requesting to “opt out” of teacher-led COL, should contact the school administration. 

Q: What if students do not respond to learning opportunities and/or are not handing in assignments?

A: Continue to reach out to students, parents, counsellors and your administrator to see if there are additional supports that may help students connect with you. Remember that are many factors that may affect a student’s ability or desire to engage: illness, family pressures, relationship with teacher or subject area, mental wellness and so on. 

  • Ensure instruction, activities, assignments, and assessments are accessible to students and families
  • Recognize that students will be spending less time learning than normal
  • Reduce the scope of instruction, assignments, and course requirements
  • Focus instruction and assignments on Learning Standards that are essential to succeed in the next level of the course

Q: How do we assess students who have not participated in meetings/activities? Or only to a minimum level?  

A: Assess students based on available evidence of learning in relation to essential Learning Standards. 

Grades will not be lower than what would have been indicated on the Term 2 Report card. Indications of student progress may improve but will not decrease from their progress and achievement pre-spring break.   All students who were on track to advance to the following grade will advance to the following grade level. 

  • Consider increasing the use of simplified criteria for assessing and evaluating assignments 
  • Standards described in rubrics 
  • ‘Completion/Non-completion’
  • Provide multiple opportunities for success.  
  • As you develop distance learning relationships with students and families, embed opportunities for students to reflect on development of their core competencies. 

Q: What can I do to support my vulnerable students?

A: Be attentive to information from students that indicates they are struggling. Since vulnerable students are the top priority for resources and support during the COVID response, classroom teachers are encouraged to reach out to non-enrolling staff and admin to provide additional support for vulnerable learners when help is needed. 

Q: Who is “eligible” to graduate?

A: Every student eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate. “Eligible to graduate” does not mean that students will graduate ‘no matter what’. 

  • Students must be registered in or have prior credit for courses that meet all graduation requirements
  • In collaboration with administration, teachers will plan to provide additional support for students who need it to meet graduation requirements
Q: Where may I find the Ministry answers to more of my questions?

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