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Core Competencies

PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q: How many Core Competency summary self- assessments do I need to collect from every student?

A: Students need to complete a year-end summary self-assessment that reflects all three core competencies. This can reflect one sub-competency or facet from each of the three competencies or can address all three in a broader sense. It is up to teachers to decide whether to complete this as one larger assessment (of all 3) or break it down into smaller self-assessments (perhaps one at a time). You may also choose to have students engage in self-assessments over the course of the year leading up to the summary self-assessment. Please see the templates and samples page on the CSL website under the Core Competency tab for lesson ideas and more information. You may be collecting these assessments in a variety of ways such as videos, documents, audio files, pictures, and other formats.

Q: Do self-assessments of Core Competencies need to be inserted and filed with report cards?

A: Share and file students core competencies self-assessment as usual where possible. If submitted in paper form, copy and include with report and in student file. If shared electronically or directly to parents, indicate this in report card. 

Q: If a self-assessment of Core Competencies has been done in a non-paper format, what might the report card comment look like?

A: Here are some sample statements that could be included on report cards:

· “Students completed a self-assessment on the core competencies. This work can be found on...”

· “Students submitted a … .as a self-assessment on the core competencies. It can be viewed on … .”

· “Students were asked to complete a self-assessment the core competencies and share it with their parents/guardians through {platform name}.”

· “The self-assessment of core competencies was completed on myBlueprint. Please refer to your child’s portfolio to view the self-assessment.”

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