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PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q:  With regard to reporting on ELLs and CSL report cards, if there are only 2 written reporting times by classroom teachers, then would there only be 2 formal ELL written reporting periods (e.g.ELARs or other ELL report card method) that coincide with the teachers' report cards?

ELL reporting is expected to occur at each “regular reporting period” as specified in the
Ministry reporting policy guidelines. If your school is using the two-term reporting period,
you need only do an ELL formal report (e.g. ELL report insert such as ELAR, embedded
comments in CSL report card, or other written report card) at each of the two formal report periods; however, best practice is to report on English language acquisition as a part of all informal reports, as well. These informal reports on English language acquisition could come in a form consistent with the reporting style you choose.

Please note that schools are still required to provide parents with a minimum of five reports describing student’s school progress throughout the year and that the reporting should be timely and responsive throughout the school year. If you are providing two formal reports, the other reporting can be done in informal ways. Please connect with your administrator regarding how this will occur at your school. 

Click here to download the ELL Policy Guidelines (Page 13 provides ELL reporting details)

As well, please refer to the Ministry website for the Student Reporting Policy and Student
Report Order.

Q: For students who are English Language Learners (ELL), will there be additional information on reporting shared with Resource Teachers?

A: There are no changes to reporting for students learning English for the year end reports. The Resource Teachers can continue to use the ELAR report format (or they could use the CSL Online Tool) and the classroom teacher can use the CSL Online Tool to describe a student’s strengths, areas for growth and ways to support learning at home and at school.

Q: Do IEP meetings count as an ongoing communication with parents?

A: An IEP meeting with parents to set or review the goals, strategies or progress of a child would be considered an ongoing communication.

Q: Can IEPs (written in term one and reviewed in term three) for students on modified programs be used and ‘counted’ for the two written reports?

A: An IEP is not a written report of the child's progress overall. An IEP reflects a child's progress on several specific goals. The written progress report covers many aspects of a child's learning (Health and Physical Education, Arts Education, Career Education, etc.) that are not necessarily included in an IEP. An IEP is generally written in the fall term (it outlines the goals that the child is working towards that school year) and it is generally reviewed towards the end of the school year. The classroom teacher could describe the child's progress towards the goals of the IEP on the CSL Online Tool.

Q: I have a group of 17 children in a math platoon group. The students are in grades 4 and 5 and they are grouped according to their ability in math. I am a Classroom Teacher, not a Resource Teacher. Do I need to do a group IEP for each student, or can I share strengths, areas of growth and ways to support learning by providing details of each child’s progress to their classroom teacher?

A: If you are a classroom teacher who is teaching math to a group of students, then you would give the classroom teacher details about each child's strengths, areas for growth and ways to support math learning at school and at home. You will need to let the parents know the extent to which you have adapted or modified the curriculum.

Q: If I have a student in my class who has an IEP and is not working at grade level in all subject areas, what should I do for the competency scale?

For students with IEP or a ministry designation, there is no VSB mandate on how to approach the child’s report à The teacher has autonomy to either put a bar on the competency scale or click on see comment for the subject areas being reported on.

Option 1- include the bars and you can add Teacher Comments under the subject heading tab or in the descriptive written comments tab as a strength, area for growth and/or ways to support learning. The comment can be something like “the bar reflects student specific skills, knowledge and understanding based on their IEP, specifically…” and or any student specific comment that makes it understood that the bar is a reflection of their IEP goals, not grade level expectations. You and your admin can come up with your own student specific comment to include in the report if you prefer.

Option 2- not to include the bars and only add Teacher Comments under the subject tab on the online tool. For a student with a Ministry Designation please include a statement such as: “continuing to work on the goals of the CB-IEP and about continuing any SSSA support they are receiving. You and your admin can come up with your own student specific comment to include in the report, if you prefer. (You do not need to indicate the Ministry Designation on the Report Card.)

Option 3- Take a mixed approach -

Include 1 or more bars for the subject areas where the student is at grade level such as Art or PE etc.

And for the ones not at grade level then select See Comment and provide Teacher Comments like the ones listed above in Option 1 for the subjects such as English Language Arts and or Math

 Please also click the Individualized Education Plan box, Learning Support box, SSSA support, Speech and Language Support if any child is receiving or has received these Resource supports.

Q: Where do we make mention of "working towards the goals of an IEP" or "following an adapted/modified program in ____" ?

A: To indicate how a child is doing in relation to the goals of an IEP or to show the progress of a child learning English, specific comments should be added to the ‘learning strengths', ‘areas for growth’ or it may appear in your comments around 'ways to support learning' at school and at home. If there are attachments to the report, please click on all of the appropriate boxes in the additional support section of the student’s report.  

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