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Ongoing Communication

PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q: Do conferences with Parents count as a communication and can I invite my Remote Learners to a conference?

A: Conferences do “count” as one of the minimum 5 points of contact and can be used along with other communication forms: TEAMS/phone calls, virtual meetings, etc. The CSL approach is meant to provide on-going, timely communications to parents of their child’s learning, do not have to pertain to all subject areas within the same communication, and should take place throughout the year. Details regarding CSL communications as well as minimum reporting requirements are available on the CSL website ( and the CSL Sharepoint (

- We have directed schools via their administrators for conferences to occur

o for all students including Option 4 students,
o that they be conducted virtually to the greatest extent possible via TEAMS, phone, etc,

o that they can be parent-teacher or student-led, and

o that teachers be on site while doing the conferences as they would normally do.

- Re: Option 4 students and reporting:

o While teachers choose what activities and assignments are provided to their students, teachers are encouraged to emphasize the posting of literacy and numeracy assignments through TEAMS to support students’ learning in those core areas and to enable students to make a smoother transition back to their regular full range of subjects.

o We will issue standard language for January and June written reports similar to last year’s year-end report for teachers to include for their Option 4 students. It will acknowledge that the student was following the Learning From Home Transition option and that, as such, reflects “available evidence of learning” relative to assignments given and that not all subject areas could be evaluated.

o Teachers can comment anecdotally on the student’s participation in the check-ins as well.

- All teachers are expected to use the CSL Tool for both this year’s written reports (January and June). It was enhanced over the summer and, given its flexibility responds well to the above. Supports and tutorials for using the tool are on the CSL website and CSL SharePoint site.

- The team of Curriculum and Assessment District Support Teachers (CAM) is available to support teachers and a one-pager describing the supports they can offer is available. We have asked for a CSL teacher contact from every school to whom they can send their updates. If you feel your school is not receiving regular update emails from the CAM Team, please send an email to

- The CSL website ( is no longer being regularly updated - the CSL SharePoint site ( has the most up to date information. 

Q: Is a Celebration of Learning considered an on-going communication with parents?

A: For Celebrations of Learning to be considered an Ongoing Communication you must provide feedback to the parent and child including: strengths, areas for growth and ways to support learning. This could be done in a conversation or a written ‘two stars and a wish’ or something of your choice.

Q: What do I do if a student’s parents are not available for ongoing communications?

A: Document the time and dates you attempted contact with parents.  You may wish to record this on a Record of Ongoing Communications of Student Learning form or on your own written form where you are tracking CSL communications.

Q: How detailed does the Record of Ongoing Communications need to be?

A: This record is no longer required and is not sent home with students. This record is not included at the end of the year and is not placed in the student file.  If you wish to use the Record, then you could add brief notes that may even be in point form. Please see the Record of Ongoing Communication section on the CSL website for examples of different approaches using this form.

Q: What do you do with the information about communications or the Record of Ongoing Communications, if a student leaves your school?

A: If you want to provide the family with a copy of what you have so far, you may do so but it is not necessary. You can keep the record in case it is requested by another school if you wish.

Q: With respect to Communication of Student Learning and what counts :  I regularly communicate with parents at the door when they pick up their children from class. I will often have them come into the classroom for a 5 minute conversation about a student who struggled with a particular concept or had some issues around behavior (social responsibility). Would that count as a communication about student learning?

A: Short conversations with parents at the door can be included as informal communications, if you have included specific information about student strengths, areas for growth and ways to support learning.

Q: I send home all math assessments, etc. for parents to sign and bring back the next day to class. Does this count as a communication, or would I need to break it down somehow or add further information to it?

A: You are correct - a parent signature on a math test would not considered an informal communication unless you include some feedback about the child's progress (the math concepts the child has mastered, the concepts that are not yet mastered and what you and the parents can do to help the child gain mastery of the concept)

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