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PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q: What is the best way to paste additional wording into the Online Tool?

A: As much as possible we recommend typing directly into the spaces provided in the Online Tool report. If you are wanting to copy and paste other wording/information into the Tool then please ensure you are eliminating the formatting before proceeding. If you're using a PC - you can copy the text and then Control+Shift+V when pasting into the Tool. On a Mac you can try Option+ Shift+ Command+V. The other option you have is pasting as "plain text" when you are choosing a pasting option.  In the Descriptive Written Comments section of the Tool there is also a "clean formatting" tool icon on the toolbar.  You can select the text to clean and then select the icon(second from the right on the toolbar). This will eliminate any bolding/formatting from the original location.

Q: The formatting of my text is not consistent.  How can I fix this? (often noticed in Print Preview)

A: You can highlight the text and use the "Clean Formatting" button (second from the right on the formatting toolbar).  This will clear the formatting from the text.  If you want to add bold/italics/change font size from there,  you can do that where needed.  This problem most often arises when text is pasted in from another application (e.g., Word). Please paste text in as "plain text". Instructions are in the previous question above.

There are some issues with previewing on Macs if you use Adobe. It has been found that using "Preview" on a Mac is better than Adobe for an accurate image of what your reports will look like.

Q: Why do I get an alert that a template cannot be created because another teacher has already created a template?

A: There a few reasons for this:

Another teacher may have accidently created a template. If you feel this is in error, please speak to that teacher and have them delete the template corresponding to your division and grade.

You have a job-share partner who was the creator of the templates for your class in Term 1.  The same teacher needs to at least activate the templates for Term 2 by starting to create one.

You were not the teacher who created the templates for Term 1 - e.g., you have returned from leave, are a TTOC in the position now, or are new to the position. Your administrator can transfer ownership of that class to you. This should give you permission to create a template.

Q:  When will the attendance be loaded into the CSLTool?   

A:  For Year End reports, attendance cut off will be June 11th 2021 and the upload to the CSL Tool will take place on June 18th 2021.  Please do not print your reports or send them home until after the upload dates to ensure that the attendance and lates have been included on all of your student reports. 

Q: What comment do I need to copy and paste into each Option 4 student written report?

A: This comment will be provided to administrators who will then distribute the information to teachers. Once it is received, this page will be updated.

Q: How can I access technical support if I have questions about using the CSL Tool?

A: Please be sure to watch the video tutorials and read the Instructional pdf's for more information. If you are unable to login, or have any technical issues (name changes, teacher changes, access to different reports) please submit a request in VSB Service Center and under “School Services” select “CSL” and then select “CSL Tool Support”. 

Q: What comment can I put if I take off the competency scale bar and use "see comment"?

 Where you do not have enough information to select a proficiency level/ bar please select the "see comment" option and paste this wording in the Teacher's comments section.  For any student you are not including a bar on the competency scale for one or more subjects, a conversation with your administrator is required.

Q: How can I access the CSL K-7 Sharepoint Site and Curriculum and Assessment K-7 Team? 

A: Click here to access the CSL K-7 Sharepoint Site.  Click here to access the Curriculum and Assessment K-7 Team.

Q:  Can I send my template to my Administrator for approval? 

A:  No, with the CSL Tool you will need to print off your template and give it to your Administrator for approval.  Alternately, you can download a copy using "Print Preview" and send that file to your administrator through email or Teams chat.

Q:  What format are all teachers required to use this year to write student Mid Year and Summative reports?

A:  All teachers will be required to complete their Mid Year and Year End Summative reports using the CSL Tool. You can find videos and PDF's about how to use the tool on this website.  You can also sign into the tool by clicking here

Q:  What categories do I select or include in each of the Subject Areas of my template? 

The CAM team recommends that you select the blue custom tab only.  Look on the right hand side and choose one of the banked comments indicating that the comments about each subject area can be referenced by reading the descriptive written comments section.  Or click on Edit Text and then Add Selected to write your own description about where to find more information.  Once finished you can place your cursor outside of the box and click save.  Go through each subject area that you are reporting on and select or add text in this manner.  The competency scale bar will only appear if there is a comment selected or written. 

Copy the text and paste as plain text (Option+Cmd+Shift+V for Mac, Ctrl+Shift+V for PC) this into each subject area and custom tab of the subject areas you are reporting on for this report.   

Please watch the videos about what to include and how to build your template here. 

Q:  How do I get a competency scale bar to appear on my report cards for each subject area? 

A:  *Please note that for a competency scale bar to be activated you will need to type or select a comment when you are making your class template. 

Also, please ask your Administrator about any wording or specifics they require on your reports. 

Q:  What fonts does the CSL tool use? 

A:  Currently there are three default fonts used by the CSL Online Tool. Please note that you can use the clear formatting button on the editor tab to erase the previous formatting from the document you are copying. You can also use the inherit function to keep the font and formatting from the text you have now pasted. 

In the Descriptive Written Comments Section - Helvetica Neue 10.5 

In the Subject Areas- adding comments - Verdana 11 

On the Print Preview of Subject areas/Competency Scale - Helvetica 10 

Q:  Why am I receiving an Error Message when I click on Submit All Report Cards?  

A:  Please ensure that you have entered information (a comment and a performance scale placement for all subject areas that require you to report on them for this report)   

Your report cards are being sent to the Administrator even if you see an Error Message. If you have checked your reports for errors/omissions and do not see any then please go to this website ( and submit a ticket using the Category – CSL and then Online Tool.  If you come across a subject area that you are not reporting on for this report, please speak with your administrator and contact the CAM team at 

Q:  What do I need to do on the CSLTool for a student receiving Resource support? 

A:  EXAMPLE OF A RESOURCE COMMENT for those under 25 hours of service 

NAME has received 2 times per week for 30 min resource support from Mrs. Resource to work on/ improve specific focus. This is for those students with whom you pull or push in and do 1 month, 6 weeks or a term to improve 1 specific skill and then are finished after this term. 

There are no changes to reporting for students learning English for students receiving Resource for the two reports. The Resource Teachers can continue to use the ELAR report format (or they could use the CSL written progress report) and the classroom teacher can use the CSL written progress report to describe a student’s strengths, areas for growth and ways to support learning at home and at school.   

Undesignated Students who are receiving variable, or short-term support (under 25 hours) should have a comment something like the one listed above. 

An undesignated student who is not ELL but who will meet 25 hours by end of term 1 needs to have a comment on their report card (see above for a standard comment) and you will also need to develop a Learning Plan (group IEP) as they are receiving more than 25 hours of service. 

Please also click the Learning Support box and/or the Additional Report box if any child is receiving or has received Resource support. 

Q:  What do I need to include on the Online Tool for an ELL student? 

A:  Example of an Audit Compliant ELL COMMENT 

“Name receives English language support from the ELL support teacher (or ELL RT, if you prefer). Please see insert.”    

There are no changes to reporting for students learning English for the two reports. The Resource/ELL Teachers can continue to use the ELAR report format (or they could use the CSL written progress report) and the classroom teacher can use the CSL written progress report to describe a student’s strengths, areas for growth and ways to support learning at home and at school. 

If you’d like to include more information about the service, this is another possible example. 

“John is receiving three blocks a week of ELL support from Mrs. Mell, the ELL support teacher for English Language Arts and reading and writing support and is at the Consolidating/Beginning/Emerging/ level.” 

Please also click the ELL or Consultative ELL box and Additional Report attached if any child is receiving or has received Resource support and if they are receiving a report/attachment. 

Q:  What do I need to include on the CSL Tool for a student with a Ministry Designation? 

A:  You should include a statement about “continuing to work on the goals of the CB-IEP and about continuing any SSSA support they are receiving.   You do not need to indicate the Ministry Designation on the Report Card. 

Please also click the Individualized Education Plan box, Learning Support box, SSSA support, Speech and Language Support if any child is receiving or has received these Resource supports. 

Q: Where do we make mention of "working towards the goals of an IEP" or "following an adapted/modified program? 

A: To indicate how a child is doing in relation to the goals of an IEP or to show the progress of a child learning English, specific comments should be added to the ‘learning strengths', ‘areas for growth’ or it may appear in your comments around 'ways to support learning' at school and at home. If there are attachments to the report, please click on all of the appropriate boxes on the last page of the student’s report card.  

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