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PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q: Do teachers need to have the same date(s) for meeting with parents?

A: All teachers are now using the CSL format, but do not need to schedule their parent-teacher meetings at the same time. That's one of the big changes in communicating with parents. Teachers can choose when they'd like to communicate with parents rather than having pre-scheduled school-wide dates that don't really match the natural times that a teacher wants to communicate with parents about student learning. That said, a small group of teachers who are teaching a unit of study together may decide to have student-led conferences or a celebration of learning at the same time.

Q: How do we let parents know what will be taught in a term?

A: Teachers will continue to use a variety of ways including: conversations during Meet the Staff Night, on-line blogs, overviews, class newsletters, goal setting conferences, letters home, etc.

Q: How often can parents request letter grades from teachers now?

A: We checked the MOE 'Reporting Student Progress, Gr K-9: Guidelines for School Districts' (October 2016) document and it states: "Letter grades must be provided if parents request them." Teachers must therefore be able to provide letter grades when the parent requests it (within reason of course). So that there are no surprises, it would be helpful if you could have a conversation with the parent to see when she or he would like this information. We suggest that the letter grades are given to the parents verbally rather than in writing and with your administrator present as well.

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