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Written Reports, Templates

PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q: What format am I required to use this year for my two written reports?

A: All teachers are required to use the CSL Tool to write their reports. Please refer to the CSL tool sections of this website for more information. Also check out the reporting requirements tab before beginning your reports.

Q: What comment do I need to copy and paste into each Option 4 student written report?

A:  This information will be given to administrators from the district. Administrators will then distribute it to teachers.  This site will be updated when the information is available.

Q: What comment can I put if I take off the competency scale bar and use "see comment"?

Before doing this, please have a conversation with your administrator.

If a student is not receiving a competency scale bar indicator, you can provide anecdotal evidence of learning in the "Teacher Comment" box.

Q: My Prep teacher covers Arts Education for my students.  How do I make sure the minimum requirement of one on-going communication for this curricular area is met?

A:  This will involve a discussion with your prep teacher about what the communication of student learning requirements are for Arts Education.  Perhaps see what they may be doing with the students already and then see how to make it count as a communication. Please ensure that it cover the student's strengths, areas for growth, and ways to support learning.  Perhaps the teacher could have their room open during Student Led Conferences with a student and teacher reflection on the work to date available to students or have this available as part of the portfolio of work students will share in your classroom. If you use an eportfolio platform, consider giving the prep teacher access to that so student work could be uploaded and commented on. The CAM team would love to hear and share other ideas of working with Prep and specialist teachers within the CSL model. Please send other ideas to

Q: Is the date for sending home the Mid-Year Written Progress Report fixed or flexible?

A: Reports need to go home during the last week of January or on January 31st.  The attendance is uploaded into the CSL Tool by January 15th 2021 and by June 18th 2020. There is some flexibility about the end of January date, but it is intended as a mid-year report. As a school-based decision it should involve a staff conversation with the Principal and Vice-Principal. Individual teachers can opt to choose their own date in consultation with the administrator.

Q: Are there any new report card examples available?

A: All CSL materials have been migrated to this site and the CSL K-7 SharePoint site.  More examples are being added all the time and can also be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint site.

Q: Are there any year-end summative report samples available and where are they located?

A: Yes, they are under templates and examples page and they are near the bottom.

Q: Where do I put a comment about meeting the requirements for daily physical activity?

A: This is no longer a requirement with the redesigned curriculum as participation in daily physical activity is part of the Physical and Health Education curriculum now.  If it is a strength or area for growth for a student, it could be appropriate to include a comment in the appropriate section of the written report.

Q: As a Prep Teacher, do we need to add comments about PE and Core French to BOTH the mid-year and Year-end reports? Comments under the "student learning strengths", "areas for growth", and "ways to support learning". Or just for ONE TERM?

A: The Sliding bar on the competency scale is sufficient if the Prep Teacher or Teacher have provided opportunities to communicate the students learning in the subject area with the parent throughout the year. On the report, the Teacher can include the bar on the competency scale with one of the banked comments under Custom Tab for the subject area when creating the class template. This comment will remind the parent you have communicated their child’s learning in the subject area so they should not be ‘surprised’ by the placement of the bar. 

However, if you have not provided opportunities for ongoing communications with the parent about their child’s progress in the subject area then it is recommended to include a comment on the child’s strengths, areas for growth or ways to support learning.

Q: How can prep teachers contribute to the mid-year and year-end written reports?

A: There are different approaches to this depending on the subject (or part of a subject) and the teachers.  If the prep teacher is covering an entire subject area (e.g., Arts Education) for a teacher, the prep teacher could provide a class list indicating where the bars should be placed and any comments that should be included in the Strengths, Areas for Growth, Ways to Support Learning sections. This could also be done if a prep teacher is covering only part of a curricular area (e.g., Music only, or Physical Education only) and the teacher would have to incorporate this input with their own assessments. Some teachers have made plans to meet with the prep teacher and work on placing bars and adding comments about strengths, areas for growth, and ways to support learning as appropriate. You could also share the file or folder through Word (Office 365) with your reports with a prep teacher so they have access to do bars or comments.

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