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CAM Team Offerings

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Other CAM Team Offerings

The Curriculum and Assessment Matters (CAM) Team offers a variety of supports and professional development. Please keep your eye on or email for more information or to book a session.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

We are available to come to your school to present a quick workshop over the lunch break. Some schools arrange release time with their administrator prior to the lunch hour using supervision aides so we can have an extended session. Please provide a space for the workshop that has a place to project (we can bring a projector if necessary).

Topics available:

  • Communicating Student Learning (CSL) Model Basics – an overview of what the requirements in the CSL Model for the VSB are, how to start implementing a CSL model in your school/classroom, and Q & A
  • CSL Model Review – a review of the CSL requirements for the VSB and a chance to clarify understanding based on experiences from previous years
  • Ongoing Communication Practices and Strategies – a look at what teachers are already doing to support on-going CSL and a chance to share how to make these communications match the requirements in the district’s CSL Model
  • Written Report Card Components and Requirements – a focus on the individual parts of the CSL written reports (please indicate if you are using the Word document or the CSL Tool)

If you wish for another topic not listed above, please let us know and we will confirm if we can accommodate your suggestion.

Want to book a lunch and learn? Email us at with suggestions for dates, times and topics.

After-school workshops

Come Write Your Reports with Us

  • We provide a quick overview of the written reports, the requirements, a review of strength-based language/reporting and a space and time to work on your report cards with support from the CAM Team and your colleagues
  • We are always looking to spread these workshops around the district so please let us know if you can host a session (you provide the space, we’ll do the work!)

myBlueprint All About Me workshops and webinars are offered to support teachers with the implementation of this digital portfolio platform. In addition to train-the-trainer workshops for school team leads, a number of myBlueprint Sharing Sessions are being offered throughout the year around the district for teachers to gather and share ideas for using this platform.

Direct links to the VSB Pro-D website are provided on the menu to the left.

Also included on the menu to the left are links to archived webinars and district projects from previous years.

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