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CAM Team

Kamaljit Purewal

Kam is a dedicated elementary teacher-librarian. She is passionate about planning collaborative units that implement innovative instructional and assessment strategies through technology. 

She’s also very committed to redesigning the learning and technology commons into a more multifunctional and flexible space that encourages and promotes collaboration and innovative teaching and learning opportunities.

Laura McClenahan

Laura is currently a part-time Teacher Librarian and Resource Teacher at Emily Carr Elementary. She has taught many grades and enjoys exploring and using a wide range of technology to engage and enhance student learning and inquiry.  Her focus is to help students and teachers discover their passions and showcase their learning through the implementation of the redesigned curriculum.  

Sandra Louise Fox 

Sandra teaches grade 4/5 and has passions for mathematics learning, thoughtful integration of technology to support learning,  arts education, and ADST. She also works hard to involve students and parents in communicating student learning and enjoys exploring the Core Competencies across the curriculum. 

Audrey Van Alstyne

District Principal of Learning Technologies

Audrey has been a teacher, a Telus Network consultant, and an administrator for more than 20 years. Audrey works with schools to plan for meaningful learning supported by technology with a focus on critical thinking, collaboration and assessment.

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