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CSL Support for Administrators

Please note that all Mid Year and Year End Summative student reports will be completed this year using the CSL Online Tool.  Please refer teachers to this website to find Instructional videos and PDF's about how to use the CSL Tool. Should you require technical support (new teachers, name changes, admin support) please complete a Cherwell Ticket. Choose CSL Support - CSL - CSL Tool Support. 

*Scroll Down for the Admin Session Video about how to use the CSL tool. 

Here are the links below to access the updates, FAQ's and Reporting Presentation.  You will need to login with your VSB user ID when prompted.

Videos Recording of Workshop on November 5th, 2019

Note: You must be in either the elementary or the secondary administrators group in order to view the following videos. 

Part ONE

Video: CSL Tool for Administrator Nov 5 Part 1
Video: CSL Tool for Administrator Nov 5 Part 1
Part One Topics 

0:00-4:00 : Framework and Context of the Tool, Reporting Requirements, What counts as a Communication? Two  Written Report this Year, Mid-Year is end of January, and Year-End is end of June 

4:00-7:00  : Description of the student, Behaviour/Attitudes, Informal and Other Reports, Calendars and Keeping Track of Communications, Arts Education/Core French and Health/PE Education 

7:00-11:00 : Proficiency Scales, Ed Change Committee, Record of Ongoing Communication, 2 Written Report Choices, Same Format for January and June, Strength Based Report 

11:00-15:00 : Mini School Applications, Timely and Responsive, Online Tool – all on Jan 2021, Consistency of Practice 

15:00-19:00 : Returning Reports to Teachers, Shared with VESTA, CSL Steering Committee, Template approved by the District, Print off as PDF’s 

Part TWO

CSL Tool for Administrator Nov 5 Part 2
CSL Tool for Administrator Nov 5 Part 2

Part Two Topics 

0:00-4:00 : CSL updated site, CSL Login Site, CSL Resources/Templates, Training Videos/PDF’s, Footprints, Point Person, Proficiency Scales/Comments, Logging In 

4:00-8:00 : Demo of Logging In, Report Card Tab/Hamburger Menu, Templates, Starting a Class Template, Instructions Tab 

8:00-12:00 : Demo- Making a Class Template, Adding a Learning Support Teacher, Job Shares, Prep Teachers, Collaboration/Inter-Disciplinary, Descriptive Written Comments 

12:00-16:00 : Opening comments, Creating Templates, Individualized Reports, Strengths, Areas for Growth, Ways to Support Learning, One Narrative 

16:00-20:00 : Subject by Subject, Need to Match AOG and WTS, Holistic Approach, French Immersion/Mandarin, Name Change, Default Date, Not a Checklist 

20:00-24:00 : Curriculum taught all year, Do not Import Big Ideas, Competencies, Content/Custom Tabs, Activating a Bar, Just headings, Create 2 templates for split grade teachers 

24:00-28:00 : Activate Bars on Competency Scales, Questions from Admin – see FAQ’s, Delete a template, Two Teachers needing access 

28:00-32:00 : Last Year’s template, Admin Log-in View, Lates/Absences 

32:00-36:00 : District Cut-Off Dates, Attendance/Lates, Auto Load for Students, Prep Teachers, Subject based templates 

36:00-40:00 : Ways to Support Learning, Supports, Fully in or Half Way in Bars, Saving 

40:00-44:00 : Supports, Admin Comments, Modified and Adapted Programs, Proficiency Scale Criteria 

44:00-50:00 : Previewing Teacher’s Templates, ELL comments, Ready for Review 

50:00- end : Electronic Signature, Admin View, One Can be sent for Review, Legend, Editing, Sending it back for corrections, Tracking Changes, Annotations, Seeing the Original Report, Signed Off, Paper Colour, Print Off as PDF’s, Save in Downloads Folder 

Other videos

For other videos, please click here

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