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What is myBlueprint?

myBlueprint is a student driven visual portfolio that supports the great work you are already doing in the classroom.

Teachers can develop skills and competencies by capturing the learning process with myBlueprint.  Journals and media allow students to showcase and document their learning with built-in drawing tools, video/audio recordings and reflections.  A live-feed allows family members to view their child's activities and portfolio and to reflect upon their work.

Besides tools to help students find their learning styles, track graduation progress and share works, there are features that can also assist counsellors and teachers.

How to login

As VSB students and staff, there are many ways for you to get in myBlueprint. Simply choose the one that works best for you.  You may not even need to sign in if you're logged into Office 365*.

Are you using

  1. An iPad?
  2. Office 365?
  3. A PC, Mac or laptop?

*The district has setup Single Sign On (SSO) with myBlueprint. If you have already signed into a device, on Office 365 or in a browser, you may not need to sign in to myBlueprint again.

If you have more than one account, please merge them by following these directions

Students who have set up an account in 2018 might have a different sign in.  We encourage students to follow the steps below to merge their old accounts with the new one under SSO.  

  1. Log in using SD39 credentials or via SSO
  2. Go to the Account Settings
  3. Click Merge Previous Account
  4. Enter the login credentials of the other account
  5. Click Merge Account 

Other useful links

  • Detail information of myBlueprint including webinars can be found here. (grade 8-12)
  • To visit the support page on myBlueprint website for free resources, webminars and video tutorials, click here.
  • You will also find myBlueprint in the databases of VSB Library - Destiny

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