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myBlueprint FAQs

PLEASE NOTE: This page is not being updated regularly nor is the CSL website as a whole. The most up to date information can be found on the CSL K-7 SharePoint Site.

Q. What is the best way to ensure that the videos I am making as a teacher are being seen by my students on any device?  A: As a teacher you want to ensure that the videos you make in activities and as feedback are being viewed by all students. The best option for students or teachers is to make the videos on an iPad and to send them using the Class Pass app.  You can pre-record a video on the iPad and then send the video to a student or to your entire class via the class pass app.  Remember to approve the posts so that students can view these video posts. 

 If you are working on a Mac or PC, then another option- is to pre-record a video for an activity or post.  Once you’ve finished the recording then you can make the activity and upload the video as an attachment.  Please note that if you are using a Mac or PC - please be in the Chrome browser when working in myBlueprint. 

Q: How do I invite staff or students to join myBlueprint? A: myBlueprint users with Counsellor rights can invite staff to join myBlueprint.  Student accounts are generated through a connection with myEd.  There is no need for schools to create student accounts.

Q: How do I create a class and add students? A: In Teacher's View.  There is a detailed demonstration in the Teacher's View section of the workshop videos.

Q: Is parent consent required for a student to use myBlueprint? A: Yes. The VSB has made a letter that is available for schools to download on the CSL website page called Parent Consent Letter.

Q: As a teacher how do I login through the ClassPass app? A: Teachers can use the same Class QR code that the students use. Simply scan your class QR code and then add the media or file to a particular student or post artifacts to the entire class, groups of students, or individual students. Other teacher account features are available only by logging-in to the website.

Q: Your iPad won't load myBlueprint when you use a QR code.  Safari throws an error about loading a Desktop Website.  Can you fix it? A: Yes.  On some versions of iPads, Safari will throw an error loading the Desktop Website.  If that happens, please  tap "Aa" in the window and turn off the Request Desktop Site.  See our QR code section on the page about logging in with iPad.

Q: How are students account managed? A: Students accounts are automatically created through a connection with myEd.

Q: How often are students account updated? A: Students accounts are imported to myBlueprint once a week on average throughout the school year.  During the summer accounts may not be imported as regularly.

Q: What if a student in my school cannot be found on myBlueprint? A: Please submit a Service Ticket after confirming that the student's record at school is correct and up-to-date.

Q: Can I print QR codes for students? A: Teachers can print a Class QR code as well as individual QR codes for individual students. You can choose to print multiple QR codes on one sheet in different sizes.

Q: Is there a way to sort boxes and content in classes, porfolios, etc? A: Content can be tagged. Tags act as filters for your Class Feed or within a portfolio. This allows you to view only certain content at a particular time.  You may also edit the colour of each box added.  Teachers may wish to colour-code the portfolios to help reflect subject/curricular areas.

Q: Can one post have multiple tags? A: Yes.

Q: Is the myBlueprint server in Canada? A: Yes.

Q: Can students see other students' artifacts or portfolios through the ClassPass app? A: No.

Q: What happens to a class on myBlueprint when a teacher moves to a different school? A: The class that the teacher created in the original school will disappear.  This does not affect students' portfolios, artifacts, etc. as the portfolio is connected to the students' accounts.

Q: Is all staff participating in myBlueprint? A: Participation is voluntary.

Q: What browser should I use? A: Chrome or Firefox. Some features do not work on Safari on MacBook or iPads.

Q: Can I upload an emoji? A: Teachers can but students can not . However, students love creating their avatars in the student view.

Q: Is there any plan to implement more languages to the product? A: At this time French and English are the only two languages supported.  For help with translation on other static materials for promoting myBlueprint to parents, etc., please contact the CAM team.

Q: Can secondary students use the ClassPass app? A: Yes. ClassPass is a companion app for building portfolio for students in elementary and secondary schools. Other features of AAM and Education Planner are available through the website.

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