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iPad Login

To Login NOW

To go to to login, scan this QR Code with the camera app on your iPad.

For printable login steps, click here.  

Class Pass App

Sign in using the Class Pass is extremely easy.  Look for the myBlueprint Class Pass app on your iPad.  If you don't have it, search up myBlueprint ClassPass on Apple's App Store and install it.


  1. Click on Class Pass app
  2. Log in by scanning the individual students QR Code or Class ID
  3. Now, you’re ready to capture evidence of learning by - selecting Picture/Video/Audio/Drawing/Journal/Cameral Roll in real time
  4. The teacher will need to approve all posts by logging into their myBlueprint account on a browser (not from Classpass)
  5. Remind students to log out of the Class Pass app afterward!

Click here for more information about using Class Pass.

QR Code

  1. Start a browser e.g. Chrome or Safari
  2. Go to
  3. Choose QR code login
    1. The camera app should open automatically and you can scan the QR code, OR
    2. You may be prompted to upload the QR code.  Tap on Upload QR Code.  The camera app should open automatically.  Take a picture of the QR code and tap on Use Photo.  

Quick tip: make sure that there is only one QR code in view and do not zoom in too much.

Classes can use the Class QR Code or Individual QR Code to facilitate user login.  For some elementary classes, teachers have printed individual student QR codes to stick onto student's agenda or on a wall chart.

Quick tip: on some versions of iPads , Safari will throw an error loading the Desktop Website.  If that happens, please  tap "Aa" in the window and turn off Request Desktop Site.

If you don't want to use a QR code...

  1. Start a browser 3.g. Chrome, Edge or Safari
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the big green School Account Log In button, or sign in with sd39 as Username.  Follow the instructions below depending upon what you choose.

School Account Login In

If you have already signed in to the computer, simply wait for the browser to finish authentication after some page refreshings.

If you are prompted to sign in...

  1. For teachers, use your regular VSB email address and credentials.  
  2. For students, your username is your Office 365 email address in the follow format and then simply enter your usual password

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